Friday, August 31, 2012


So I'm a huge fan of high end electronics and a huge enemy to apple technology. When talking to a friend of mine who was going out to purchase a new tablet I realized a lot of people go with Apple because they aren't sure of what other products out there are good to use. Personally I assume everybody on this blog normally plays on their phone. But for anybody in the market for a device hopefully this helps move you away from apple technology. I'm going to review three different products, the Asus Transformer, Sony Tablet S, and Samsung Galaxy 2. I choose these three because after working in the electronics market for a long time they are really my favorites and the ones I see being around the longest time.

ASUS Transformer:

ASUS may have the worst marketing department in the industry with one of the best products out there. Plain and simple, ASUS is making some of the best electronics on the market. They have been making internal electronics for years and build majority of their product from the ground up. They have the lowest defect rates in the industry at times beating Apple. What? Beat Apple? Yes. Yet many people still think of them as an off brand. The ASUS Transformer Tablet is in a position to change the way people look at the company beating out many competitive products and getting rave reviews from users.

Video: NVIDIA® Tegra® 3. Translation: This thing is fast. It's been built with speed as the priority and energy efficiency as the second most important aspect and does a good job not draining the battery.

Inputs/Outputs: Micro HDMI, Micro SD card, Two in one audio jack for headphones. Translation: If you want you can hook this up to your TV with an adapter HDMI and stream music/movies. You can load up and save pictures using your Micro SD. You can of course hook up a nice set of headphones, I recommend Beats Pro High Performance Professional Headphones.

Battery Life:  10 Hours. 15 Hours with the dock attached.

COOL FEATURE: The ASUS Transformer's coolest feature unfortunately doesn't come with it but shows itself as a $150 attachement. This feature is a keyboard dock that gives additional inputs to plug into and additional battery life extending it out up to 15 hours. My other favorite feature is of course the overwhelming power this one brings to the market.

Because of the awesome power this product brings to the table and the ability to dock into a working QWERTY keyboard it is by far my favorite product.

The price on this guy is a really reasonable $399 especially considering the new higher priced models are on the way.

Sony Tablet S:

The first thing anybody will notice about the Sony Tablet S is that it doesn't look like a normal Tablet. The curvature to this Tablet is one of my favorite features. It is one of the most comfortable Tablets to hold and almost feels like a game controller. But I guess we shouldn't be shocked to hear that Sony thought of that.

Video: NVIDIA® Tegra® 2. Translation: A little slower than his big brother the Tegra two still brings a respectable amount of speed to the product. 

Inputs/Outputs: Micro USB and Headphone. Translation: Can connect to your computer or a headset.

Battery Life: 8 Hours.

COOL FEATURE: Besides the most comfortable design I've ever felt on a tablet the Sony Tablet S offers something I wish every tablet had, an IR blaster. This little feature allows your tablet to be configured into a universal remote control. A good universal remote control with display pushes upwards of $500 dollars. Having this feature alone would push Sony Tablet S into the top spot if I weren't such a power junkie. The comfort and affordability.

This guy right here is a really affordable $349-399.

Samsung Galaxy 2:

The Samsung Galaxy 2 is probably the most Ipad-like out of the three. The design is thin, sleek, and lightweight. The Samsung Galaxy 2 is made in both a 10.1" and a 7" model. Samsung really jumps on board with the universal remote control features trying to make it an entire entertainment hub in the household. It uses a TouchWIZ interface in conjunction with Android 4.0 to make they system smoother and easier to use. Having a 7" Model is really nice because it helps Samsung take the jump to household hub.

Video: Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 Processor. Translation: Texas Instruments has been around for a long time. It's a 1Ghz Dual Core Processor so it isn't slow by any means but as a geek I really wish I saw a Tegra name in there.

Inputs/Outputs: USB, Micro SD, and Headphone. Translation: Can connect to your computer, headset, and picture storage.

Battery Life: 8 Hours.

COOL FEATURE: Coming in a seven inch sizing is probably my favorite feature of this tablet. Smaller sizing makes it more reasonably a replacement for the remote control as well as a tablet. Samsung really hits it on the nose with giving a tablet usefulness outside of playing games. Besides being a media hub it has a smoking price.

No Trading and Excessive Downtime

Well, I guess in a way we should be pleased that they are finally addressing the growing hacker issue. Unfortunately once again Mobage/Cygames are a huge fail in their approach.

The timing of this is immediately after a second Holy War that was riddled with debauchery. Mobage/Cygames offers no estimate on when the downtime will be over and really has given rise to a continual lack of faith in the company and their ability to manage anything.

I'm sure they will give a whopping five personal HP for all the trouble that occurred and all of the newer players and fan boys will be thrilled to death. Many players though will have lost two days of trading which in some cases is 20-100HP worth of buying low and selling high.

I think it's really unfortunate that Mobage/Cygames continually proves that they lack any degree of common sense in their handling of issues.

How they should have handled this:

1) Give two to three days notice before you shut down trading.
2) Give an estimated timeline of how long the downtime for trading will be.
3) Do not time this type of thing immediately after finally giving out rewards for two Holy Wars
4) If possible schedule it as multiple separate down times during non-peak hours.

I don't really understand how a company could be so blind to what gamers want. I understand and am perfectly fine with them shutting down trades if it's to stop hackers, I feel most players should be, but please Mobage/Cygames, stop taking your fan base for granted. More and more trading card games are popping up and bad/good customer support makes or breaks games.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Man SR Decks

There is a specific best Attack/Defense decks for each alignment. These set ups are based on 4-6 Evolutions.

SR Man Attack Deck:

Leader: Griffon Rider - 19.8k attack - Great Boost to Attack (All)
Second: Achilles - 20.9k attack - Great Hit to Foes Defense (All)
Third: Achilles - 20.9k attack - Great Hit to Foes Defense (All)
Fourth: Achilles - 20.9k attack - Great Hit to Foes Defense (All)
Fifth: Achilles - 20.9k attack - Great Hit to Foes Defense (All)

Griffon Rider is used as the leader card in this set up in order to ensure that both Griffon and at least one of the Achilles will proc. Both buffs are 10% so they are pretty much interchangeable. Another viable variation is to use Master Alchemists in the last two spots which will result in a slightly weaker base attack, but offer a debuff to God that may occur. It's also cheaper.

SR Man Defense Deck:

Leader: Lancelot - 20.1k defense - Great Boost to Man Defense
Second: Longinus - 20.3k defense - Great Boost to Defense (All)
Third: Longinus - 20.3k defense - Great Boost to Defense (All)
Fourth: Longinus - 20.3k defense - Great Boost to Defense (All)
Fifth: Longinus - 20.3k defense - Great Boost to Defense (All)

I hate this set up so much. Longinus has a higher base defense than Lance and coupled with the fact Lancelot offers a more powerful buff supports only using one Lancelot. Now, this completely changes if you are using 5 Card Evos. Since the five card evolution of Lancelot is 21.5k you should use four of him and one Longi if you have four five card evolutions.

**If you are using 5 card evolutions it should be ONE LONGI and 4x Lancelots.**

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best SR God Deck

There is a specific best Attack/Defense decks for each alignment. These set ups are based on 4-6 Evolutions.

SR God Attack Deck:

Leader: Haniel - 20k attack - Great Boost to Gods Atk
Second: Cait Sith - 20.7k attack - Great Boost to Atk (all)
Third: Cait Sith - 20.7k attack - Great Boost to Atk (all)
Fourth: Thor - 21.4k attack - Great Hit to Gods Def
Fifth: Thor - 21.4k attack - Great Hit to Gods Def

Haniel in the lead spot supported by two Cait offer some pretty optimal boosts. Another viable option to this set up is to use Jabberwock in the lead spot followed by two Haniel. Both come out pretty close to each other since Jabberwock has a stronger buff, but it isn't effected by Haniels buff.

SR God Defense Deck:

Leader: Sleipnir - 18.9k Defense - Great Boost to Gods Def
Second: Sleipnir - 18.9k Defense - Great Boost to Gods Def (read below)
Third: Sleipnir - 18.9k Defense - Great Boost to Gods Def (read below)
Fourth: Sleipnir - 18.9k Defense - Great Boost to Gods Def (read below)
Fifth: Sleipnir - 18.9k Defense - Great Boost to Gods Def (read below)

Alright. So, lets be honest here. All that's really happening is Sleipnir, Apsara, Apsara, Xuanwu, Xuanwu. At least if you know what you're doing. God SR in general are just awful and you might as well stack five Sleipnir in hopes of getting the two proc if you're not going to do Sleipnir, Aps, Xuan.

**DISCLAIMER: As a poster below pointed out Andromeda is an SSR that can be used for both ATK and DEF. It has higher base stats and offers a 15% buff. I'm not sure about the pricing since it fluctuates so much, but if it's less than Haniel+Sleipnir it's worth buying.**

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Puppet Master Strikes Back

The Puppet Master Strikes back is the upcoming event for Rage of Bahamut. Many people who started during Tears of the Moon may think that all events are the same but The Puppet Master Strikes Back, PM for short, will be played along the lines of Roar of the Dragons.

During this event players will quest until a boss randomly appears. This occurs in a similar fashion to a chest appearing, but is a boss instead. Once this boss appears you will be able to fight it using your deck. If you are unable to beat the boss with your deck, you will then be given the option to summon allies who can aid you in defeating the boss. After the boss is defeated yourself and allies who contributed will be awarded cards.

Doing well in this event is very different from doing well in Tears of the Moon. Tears only required players to exploit a glitch until they earned a 30% stamina reduction then spend huge amounts of clear water. This event requires the use of both CW, HP, Fellows, Orders, as well as a powerful attack deck.

Clear Waters:
Since bosses are summoned via questing there will be times when no boss is up and you are out of stamina to use to summon one. This is the use of Clear Water. It gives you greater control over the time bosses are summoned.

Holy Powder:
The bosses get progressively harder as you defeat them. As they get progressively harder there will eventually be a point in which the boss needs to be attacked several times until it is put down no matter how powerful your deck is. Holy Powder is used to allow you to attack the boss multiple times without him escaping.

When you cannot defeat a boss you will be given an option to call for assistance from your allies. The call will pull from all allies/order members that are available who are not in conflict with a boss. Because of this, overlapping fellows and order members is not recommended. Try to have your fellows be from outside your order.

Powerful Attack Deck:
During the boss fight your attack deck in its entirety will be what is used to attack the monster. Obviously the more powerful the deck, the better chances of defeating the boss. Your deck will attack, the boss will counter. Using cards that are made to combat event bosses also aids in the fight since there buff is generally more significant. There are also cards that can block event bosses attacks one time.

 Things to note:
1) You have one hour once the boss is summoned to defeat him.
2) Allies summoned will be from both order and fellows. Keep them separate.
3) The more damage a player does to the boss the more rewards they will receive.
4) Event Skill cards are made to do well, use them if you can afford them.
5) Huge amounts of skilled high normals are rewarded during the event, it's a great time to skill up your main cards.
6) Always help kill other peoples bosses if you're invited to, work together and share in rewards. 
7) There is an order rewards based on the number of bosses defeated, better rewards at higher tiers.
8) Individual ranking is calculated by overall damage done to bosses.
9) Order ranking is calculated by overall damage done by all members of your order to bosses.

Best SR Demon Decks

There is a specific best Attack/Defense decks for each alignment. These set ups are based on 4-6 Evolutions.

SR Demon Attack Deck:

Leader: Hecate - 20K attack - Great Boost to Demons Attack
Second: Jabberwock - 20.2K attack - Great Boost to Gods/Demons Attack
Third: Jabberwock - 20.2K attack - Great Boost to Gods/Demons Attack
Fourth: Sutekh - 20.8k attack - Great Hit to Defense (All)
Fifth: Sutekh - 20.8k attack - Great Hit to Defense (All)

The Jabberwock! It's just fun to say. This deck is set up with Hecate offering a boss buff, Jabberwock coming in with the next best one you could ask for, and Sutekh bringing a high base and a decent buff in the third spot. I do not use Tiamat in the set up because even with the higher stats, his buff is weak. He is viable though.

SR Demon Defense Deck:

Leader: Hamelin - 20.1k defense - Great Boost to Gods/Demons Defense
Second: Temptress Vampire - 18.7k defense - Great Hit to Foes Man Attack
Third: Death - 19.8k defense - Great Hit to Foes Gods Attack
Fourth: Temptress Vampire - 18.7k defense - Great Hit to Foes Man Attack
Fifth: Death - 19.8k defense - Great Hit to Foes Gods Attack

Yep, Demon SR Defense still sucks. Just use Hamelin with Xuanwu and BM.

Considering this is an SR Demon Defense Deck, this is the only way available to create a workable one. This set up is made with the intention of having a high base amount of attack then shuffling the debuffs to account for either man or god attacking. Realistically for Demons, 3 Skill 10 Wraiths and 2 Deaths as wing cards would be a much better set up. This set up yields just under 100k defense and debuffs for gods/men whereas a 3 skill 10 Wraith 2 Death combination would yield an optimistic 108-122k defense.

Until you get up to SSR Demons don't have a viable defense deck compared to both Man and Gods.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post Holy War Drama

The way Mobage and Cygames have handled the last Holy War is awful. Since many anti-Mobage/Cygames posts have come up I decided it was a volatile enough issue to deserve a post.

Personally, Mobage is missing the mark huge on how they are handling this. The server downtime was hardly the issue they should be attempting to correct (and the way they are correcting it is just stupid). They should be punishing cheaters and just offered some gems/hp to those effected by the server downtime.

The fact that the server was down for many players for the day should have had virtually no effect on their final ranking. Ranking is based on points, meaning that it doesn't matter how many battles are fought, but how much HP is used during a battle. Players can just as easily accumulate a couple hundred thousand points in a battle on day two using HP you would have used on day one. So, Mobage should realize that peoples rankings weren't really effected by the downtime. Do they deserve some HP for the frustration, probably, give them all 25 personal HP for the downtime. Truth is, a day one inability to start a war wasn't that big of a deal for final rankings. (And yes, my order did have this issue, so I know it wasn't that big of a deal, I just started spending 20HP per war instead of 10HP for a while)

Some might ask what about gemstones related to win count? This is legitimate. I would say if any order was within 10 Wins of a tier, give them the gems for that tier. Nobody would complain about this and it doesn't harm anybody. It also serves as a decent apology.

I doubt many people would have problems with these and the downtime would have become a non issue and vanished by now. Now offer me a well playing job in PR, because obviously whoever Mobage/Cygames have working for them have no idea what they are doing.

Instead Mobage/Cygames decided:

1) Lets hold off on giving people the rewards they put their time and effort into getting. This won't make them mad.

2) Lets immediately hold a redo for the event! This will make all the people who spent HP feel that their hard work was for nothing!

3) Lets completely ignore the mechanics that were shown as broken during the last Holy Wars. So far we've decided to ignore: Bluestackers and Account Hackers, now lets ignore people who circumvent the 50AP rule by using alt accounts to attack defense leaders, and lets ignore people who use the 100 attacks rule that was meant to prevent point farming to force wins. Games that constantly have hackers/abusers always last long!

So, what do we do as players?

Some people have called for boycotting Holy Wars, personally, I don't think this method is effective. The reason is it assures lower ranking orders get the top rank. The Holy Wars will go on and there is no real effect to Mobage/Cygames.

The other method somebody posted was to leave negative reviews for the app on the marketplace. I believe this method is best. If people post negative reviews, Mobage/Cygames will take notice. But if everybody does this, it's like shooting your hostage and then asking for the money.

Personally, I say email Mobage/Cygames. Let them know that you are unhappy with their handling of the incident and if they do not make corrections you will make several awful posts not only reviewing their games, but recommending their competitors games in place of theirs on their review board.

If you do email or post. Please reference the two major abuses. They really need to fix those two things and if all the attention is placed on downtime (which really wasn't a big deal), they will just allow people to make this game awful for those who play correctly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post Holy War Thoughts

This posting will be a little different than other ones. It will be done in more of a rant. Primarily because certain things about this Holy War really irked me.

Many people may have heard about certain strategies/things that occurred or experienced them but maybe don't understand them. So here they are.

1) The One Man Offense:

This strategy involved having all but one member of the order do nothing. Since a player in an order can only be attacked 100 times before they can no longer be attacked, the order would attack the non aggressive player. These players were worth fewer and fewer points and since they weren't attacking, wouldn't replenish their point value. So, in many cases, the order being attacked would only allow something like 30-40k points against them from a highly active order vs the points that they would accumulate.

This method, is very effective for an order who may have more inactive players, but I found most people doing it that I saw were a main account and several dummy accounts. This way all their level 20 accounts would each accumulate the minimum qualifying points for their prize, and the player could redeem that prize on his other accounts.

I do not hate this strategy as much as I should. The player would still be using such a large amount of HP it's absurd. In the end, this is to me the type of player who was sick of carrying his order just to get little reward. Yes, he would be abusing the win loss mechanic and causing himself to get more instances of double points during Ragnarok. The player doing this, probably would have achieved his rank, as well as his order would have, even if he didn't abuse the mechanic, simply based on the amount of HP he'd need to spend to be effective at this strategy.

Punishment: None would be my preferred if the activity didn't harm other orders playing properly. Because it does, I'd say people who engage in this practice get no rewards. That way the individual who was doing it with all his accounts, loses all that HP for nothing. And the people who were in small groups doing it, get the same thing.

How to Prevent: I don't know. I do not know a system that could effectively prevent it from occurring without punishing people who legitimately carry their order. That's why I say, just don't give rewards, then there's no incentive to do it.

2) Defense Lead Takedown:

I had previously posted in one of my strategies for everybody in an order to attack with a 50AP deck rapidly to take down a defense leader. The reason it has a 50AP minimum is because it's the only way the defense leader loses defense points.

Lo and behold! By some sort of douchebaggery magic, somebody managed to come up with what I find to be the most distasteful strategy ever created. When you attack somebody from an account not in Holy War with that person, their defense stats act as they normally would. The 50AP rule goes out the window. A level 10 account attacks the defense leader with a goblin, defense leader loses defense points.

The sick part of this strategy, and why I hope these people get the worst punishments imaginable, is that the developers actually put something in to prevent this type of thing from happening. They have the 50AP rule because they anticipated people attacking with a goblin. There is no way, any player who was doing this, didn't realize that what they were doing was wrong.

Punishment: Permaban. These types of attacks required great organization, and a complete disregard for the game developers and other players. The fact that developers put up a safeguard and people just found a way around it makes it worse. Ever order involved in this activity should be banned.

How to Prevent: A person in HW cannot be attacked by somebody outside the order. Done.

3) Purchasing your way into an order:

I'm sure many people saw the posts the last day, "my order has 50 wins, for 50HP you can join it!" This one made me laugh at anybody who took the offer. Mostly because I had always been under the assumption that we couldn't add/remove members during a Holy War. I believe the game designers set it up that way so things like this wouldn't happen.

If people want to do it, it's up to them, but they are pretty pathetic.

Punishment: None. It's an orders right to add or subtract people as they see fit and I see this as no difference than orders that 'tax' their members.

Overall Thoughts:

This Holy War was an overall disappointment for me. Mainly because a Holy War that is going to effect tons of other players who legitimately worked hard is going to reward a bunch of people who found workarounds. If the workaround only effected the player using it, that would be fine, but their workarounds are the beginning of a big problem if not remedied. If the problems aren't fixed by the next Holy War I could see a large portion of the player base heading to other games.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holy War Tactics (Order Rank)

**This is part two of a two part posting. Posting one was for (Solo Rank) while posting two is for (Order Rank)**

Many Orders struggle to attain a high rank. Even orders with many active players can end up with a low rank due to lack of organization. The tactics for achieving a high rank as an order vary significantly from the tactics to achieving a high solo rank without the aid of your order, but following these will not only result in a higher order rank, but also a higher individual rank.

Order Points:
Order Points are achieved by adding up the points each player earned during the Holy War. If five players each earned 5000 points, the Order Points would be 25000. On top of this, a bonus to the points is given for victory. There is also something called Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is a sort of event that occurs during a Holy War. The effect of the event is that upon Order Victory points are doubled. It also has the effect of cutting your opponents points down by 20%. So, if you have 50000points, you end up with 100000. If your opponent had 40000 points, they only achieve 32000. It adds an extra benefit to victory.

The Order Leader is the only one capable of building walls. If your order does not have a wall up, the chances of your order winning are slim to none. As discussed previously, they cut the opposing orders points in half.

Attack Leaders:
Defense/Attack Leaders each get a 5% boost to their specialties. Because of this it is customary for your Order Attack Leader to defeat the Opposing Order Defense Leader.

Defense Leaders:
A good defense leader is mandatory to do well during Holy Wars. Nothing is more discouraging to an Order than beating their heads on a powerful Defense leader and not being able to accumulate points.

So, these are all important to note in order to understand this strategy. As well as the information from the (Solo Rank) section. This tips section will detail a battle from start to finish.

Tips from start to finish:
The Order leader should have time brackets set up on a forum for a war. A certain number of players need to agree to battle during each time bracket for him to decide to engage during that time. Players are expected to spend decent amounts of HP for a scheduled war It would look something like this:

1pm: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H are all able to attend.
2pm: L, M are able to attend.
3pm: O, P, Q, R, S, A, B, C are all able to attend.
4pm:  Y, Z, Q are able to attend.

Because of this the Order Leader may produce a final schedule something like this.

1:30-2:30pm: Attendees- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, L, M
2:30-3:30pm: One Hour Break
3:30-4:30pm: Attendees- O, P, Q, R, S, A, B, C, Y, Z, Q

People would be expected to contribute during their bracket but are welcome to attend other brackets as well. This allows the order leader to progress through a war with enough people each time to win.
So the Order leader begins his war at 1:30pm, it would progress in an orderly fashion as such. Players C, D, E all have Wall Breakers in their decks. They demolish the wall shortly using minimal HP each because they are attacking in a group. Nobody attacks players until the wall is down.
The Wall has come down and the defense leader is up. Player A is the Attack Leader and takes down their Defense Leader. If the Attack Leader is incapable of defeating the defense Leader, he posts in the Order that he cannot, the cards the Defense Leader is using, and how many Defense points the Defense leader has. For this, the Defense Leader is using five FF Lancelots and has 200 Defense points. At this point, Players should all have a specialty Attack Deck equaling 50-60pts. Every time the defense leader is attacked by a Deck equaling 50-60pts he will drop 10 Defense Points. The group blitzes him, dropping his defense to 90 and then somebody takes him down.  Now everybody is open to be attacked.
Now, the Order waits until the last 5-10 minutes of the Holy War. The Order waits because a player loses points each time they are attacked and lose.

Once you start attacking the players in the other order will lose points they have accumulated. The players in your order will have fewer points to lose since they haven't accumulated many if any.
At this point, players are now allowed to attack other players. Players with point boost cards are targeting Defense, Offense, Order Leaders, and Vice Leaders. This allows them to double dip in points (the amount is small but extra is extra). Every player at this point should be rotating between characters they attack targeting the ones that pay the highest point totals.
Finally, if it's a Victory, points are double. If it's a loss, points are reduced by 20%. The HP spent will be worth it if Victory, it will NOT be worth it if defeat.

It's important for an Order Leader/Officer to notice if an enemy is far too strong to begin with. If your Order is full of level 40s and the other Order is full of lvl 100+ even if the time has been scheduled, it will be a loss and players shouldn't have to use their HP at a diminished value.

Also, if there are long gaps in scheduled wars, players should be allowed to start their own if they plan on contributing heavy to it and it won't cause an overlap.

In the end it's a lot like poker. When you win, win HUGE. When you lose, lose small. With an Order helping in removing walls, everybody gets double points, leading to higher individual rankings. More organized assaults means more chances at good payoffs for everybody.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Holy War Tactics (Solo Rank)

**This will be a two part posting. Posting one will be for (Solo Rank) while posting two will be for (Order Rank)**

Many people struggle to get a high rank during Holy Wars and to a new player it can be very intimidating. Not only is very little explanation given about the purpose of Holy Wars, but virtually no explanation about what is expected of a player to do well.

To do well in the solo ranking department is much harder without a good order, but possible. Here are a few important things to note, as well as some tips to follow.

Points are the primary measure on ranking a player. Points are accumulated in two ways. The first way is to attack the wall. The second way to accumulate points is to attack players. Every time you defeat a player, you gain points. Every time a player is defeated, they are worth less points. This is to prevent orders from farming weak members. Your individual ranking is based purely on your points accumulated.

The amount of points you get is related to the amount of attack power you attack with. The more attack power you use in the attack, the more points you accumulate. For example, attack somebody with a 50AP deck, you will get about 40-50pts. Attack somebody with a 110AP deck, you get around 100pts. Easy enough. If the enemy wall is down, double those point values. Also, keep in mind, levels don't matter for divine intervention. DI is turned off during a Holy War.

If the opposing Order has a wall, it cuts the points you gain off opposing players in half as long as the wall is standing. If your order doesn't kill walls, you will be stuck gaining half the Holy War points for the entire match. An order leader normally pays about 130-150pts while the wall is active. Note that you will do very little damage to walls unless you have Wall Breaker cards. Each attack on the walls gives a greatly diminished amount of points, something along the lines of 40pts for a 120AP attack.

Defense/Offense Leaders:
Each order has assigned Defense/Offense Leaders. These players get a boost to defense/offense respectively. Partially as a result of these bonuses, defeating these players pays additional points. If you can defeat them, you should target them for the bonus points. Defense Leaders play the additional role of protecting the order making you unable to attack other order members until the defense leader is defeated.

After an hour has passed, the Holy War will be over and the team with the most points will be declared the victor. 

Hopefully that offers a clear understanding of Holy Wars on the individual level. I'll go into greater depth as to how those things relate to group settings in my (Order Rank Post).

I will note, if you have an order that is weaker than you, or inactive in comparison to you, these tactics can be used to help your individual rank despite a weak order. If you use them with a strong organized order, you will throw off their plans and lower your Order rank.

1) Initiate a Holy War every hour. This will increase the chance of point making opportunities for you. It will mess up other people who don't want to fight and may feel obligated to do so.

2) Do not waste your energy on a wall. It will never reward as many points as players and you can't take it down alone without a huge cost to you.

3) If you and your order are unable to take down their defense leader, save your Attack Power for another match.

4) Attack During the last five minutes of a battle. When you are defeated you lose some of your points, so if you attack early the other team will attack you to reduce your points. It will also allow you to see if their defensive leader is still up, and will allow you to gauge the power of certain players by looking at their win/loss in your updates.

5) Target Attack Leaders/Order Leaders for the bonus points. If you can beat them they are a great target, if you cannot, move to somebody else.

6) If the Attack/Defense leads have been farmed into paying less points, switch to other high level targets, if they haven't been attacked they will pay more points.

7) If your order manages to take down a wall you can accumulate individual points faster. Look for any person paying 200+ points and if there are several attack them and win to accumulate points. Battles like these are the ones you should use your HP on because you're getting twice the bang for your buck

I hope these tips help people. I'm going to bold this next part because it's important:

If your Order normally does well, listen to what they plan to do and do it. In the end you will all get more points.