Monday, August 6, 2012

Holy War Tactics (Solo Rank)

**This will be a two part posting. Posting one will be for (Solo Rank) while posting two will be for (Order Rank)**

Many people struggle to get a high rank during Holy Wars and to a new player it can be very intimidating. Not only is very little explanation given about the purpose of Holy Wars, but virtually no explanation about what is expected of a player to do well.

To do well in the solo ranking department is much harder without a good order, but possible. Here are a few important things to note, as well as some tips to follow.

Points are the primary measure on ranking a player. Points are accumulated in two ways. The first way is to attack the wall. The second way to accumulate points is to attack players. Every time you defeat a player, you gain points. Every time a player is defeated, they are worth less points. This is to prevent orders from farming weak members. Your individual ranking is based purely on your points accumulated.

The amount of points you get is related to the amount of attack power you attack with. The more attack power you use in the attack, the more points you accumulate. For example, attack somebody with a 50AP deck, you will get about 40-50pts. Attack somebody with a 110AP deck, you get around 100pts. Easy enough. If the enemy wall is down, double those point values. Also, keep in mind, levels don't matter for divine intervention. DI is turned off during a Holy War.

If the opposing Order has a wall, it cuts the points you gain off opposing players in half as long as the wall is standing. If your order doesn't kill walls, you will be stuck gaining half the Holy War points for the entire match. An order leader normally pays about 130-150pts while the wall is active. Note that you will do very little damage to walls unless you have Wall Breaker cards. Each attack on the walls gives a greatly diminished amount of points, something along the lines of 40pts for a 120AP attack.

Defense/Offense Leaders:
Each order has assigned Defense/Offense Leaders. These players get a boost to defense/offense respectively. Partially as a result of these bonuses, defeating these players pays additional points. If you can defeat them, you should target them for the bonus points. Defense Leaders play the additional role of protecting the order making you unable to attack other order members until the defense leader is defeated.

After an hour has passed, the Holy War will be over and the team with the most points will be declared the victor. 

Hopefully that offers a clear understanding of Holy Wars on the individual level. I'll go into greater depth as to how those things relate to group settings in my (Order Rank Post).

I will note, if you have an order that is weaker than you, or inactive in comparison to you, these tactics can be used to help your individual rank despite a weak order. If you use them with a strong organized order, you will throw off their plans and lower your Order rank.

1) Initiate a Holy War every hour. This will increase the chance of point making opportunities for you. It will mess up other people who don't want to fight and may feel obligated to do so.

2) Do not waste your energy on a wall. It will never reward as many points as players and you can't take it down alone without a huge cost to you.

3) If you and your order are unable to take down their defense leader, save your Attack Power for another match.

4) Attack During the last five minutes of a battle. When you are defeated you lose some of your points, so if you attack early the other team will attack you to reduce your points. It will also allow you to see if their defensive leader is still up, and will allow you to gauge the power of certain players by looking at their win/loss in your updates.

5) Target Attack Leaders/Order Leaders for the bonus points. If you can beat them they are a great target, if you cannot, move to somebody else.

6) If the Attack/Defense leads have been farmed into paying less points, switch to other high level targets, if they haven't been attacked they will pay more points.

7) If your order manages to take down a wall you can accumulate individual points faster. Look for any person paying 200+ points and if there are several attack them and win to accumulate points. Battles like these are the ones you should use your HP on because you're getting twice the bang for your buck

I hope these tips help people. I'm going to bold this next part because it's important:

If your Order normally does well, listen to what they plan to do and do it. In the end you will all get more points.


  1. Hey Lucarda, what forums do people use for trades?

    1. Generally GameFaqs or RoB Forums. I tend to use GameFaqs more than RoB simply because I seem to get faster responses from it.