Monday, February 4, 2013

Bazaar Improvement

Rage of Bahamut Bazaar Improvement:

Well, it looks like Mobage either listened to their players, or are staggering the implementation of their Bazaar improvements.

For those who aren't aware, Mobage was going to release a Bazaar update that removed players abilities to list a card for one of different rarity. The reason for that type of change was to prevent players from trading cards for real money, between accounts, or between games. Unfortunately that type of ban would also have the side effect in Rage of Bahamut of preventing players from Trading SSR for multiple SR or any similar trade.

Well, Mobage decided not to implement that particular change (at least at this time). Instead, the release carries the other elements that the community had been asking for, the ability to search by specific card, and the ability to sort cards effectively.

So I just want to say, good for you Mobage for listening to players and not implementing a ban on trading between rarities.

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