Friday, August 31, 2012

No Trading and Excessive Downtime

Well, I guess in a way we should be pleased that they are finally addressing the growing hacker issue. Unfortunately once again Mobage/Cygames are a huge fail in their approach.

The timing of this is immediately after a second Holy War that was riddled with debauchery. Mobage/Cygames offers no estimate on when the downtime will be over and really has given rise to a continual lack of faith in the company and their ability to manage anything.

I'm sure they will give a whopping five personal HP for all the trouble that occurred and all of the newer players and fan boys will be thrilled to death. Many players though will have lost two days of trading which in some cases is 20-100HP worth of buying low and selling high.

I think it's really unfortunate that Mobage/Cygames continually proves that they lack any degree of common sense in their handling of issues.

How they should have handled this:

1) Give two to three days notice before you shut down trading.
2) Give an estimated timeline of how long the downtime for trading will be.
3) Do not time this type of thing immediately after finally giving out rewards for two Holy Wars
4) If possible schedule it as multiple separate down times during non-peak hours.

I don't really understand how a company could be so blind to what gamers want. I understand and am perfectly fine with them shutting down trades if it's to stop hackers, I feel most players should be, but please Mobage/Cygames, stop taking your fan base for granted. More and more trading card games are popping up and bad/good customer support makes or breaks games.


  1. Have you played any others and if so, what are they and are they good? Looking for something to fill the time.....

    1. I played a bit of Diety Wars. I didn't like the menu system at all. I also didn't like the evolution/gem system they have. Finally most cards are achieved through helping players with "bosses" and I find it just really annoying.

  2. Isn't Deity Wars another Mobage game?

    1. Yes, and I don't particularly like it. There is another one out there that is Apple only that I don't play because I don't support their products.

  3. I'd love to see metrics on how many players they lost and how much money they're not making by taking out trades.