Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Sylvan Labyrinth


So, it seems that Rage of Bahamut may really be ending CW events or at least making them extremely rare. Many may see The Sylvan Labyrinth as a 'new' event, but its merely a re-packaged raid event.

You will quest and summon bosses the same as usual from the sounds of it with a twist, instead of your normal five card deck you are utilizing a ten card deck. Players will also have access to a "break gauge" which they can activate using their ATK PWR which will deal major damage.

The Sylvan Labyrinth Ten Unit Decks:

Players will be expected to put together groups of ten cards. The decks are made up of two 3 Card Units and one 4 Card Unit. Only the Unit Leader Skills will activate.

So, what's this mean? Congratulations, you now need to buy 3 Raider cards to do well. Ideally, you would probably use 3 Highly Skilled Raider cards and behind them 7 of the highest damage cards you have.

Placement should be your group of four should have all your highest damage cards along with your best Raider Card.

Your second deck, whichever 3 Card Deck you decide on should then have your following 3 Highest damage cards with a Raider Card Lead.

Your final deck will probably be made up of your best leftover cards, probably defensive cards.

The reason you don't balance your decks is because your Raider Cards will multiply damage. By ensuring your highest damage cards are with your best Raider Cards you ensure your highest base will be multiplied by your highest multiplier.

An example of this would be having a deck of:
1 Raider Card that multiplies power by 10
1 Raider Card that multiplies power by 5
1 Raider Card that multiplies power by 2
3 Cards with 20k attack
2 Cards with 17k attack
2 Cards with 15k attack.

Example 1: We will balance the decks.

Deck One: Raider 1 - 20k, 17k, 15k
Deck Two: Raider 2 - 20k, 17k
Deck Three: Raider 3 - 20k, 15k

This damage output would look something like:
Deck One:  520k
Deck Two:  185k
Deck Three:  70k
Total: 775k

Example 2: We will stack it the way I recommend.

Deck One: Raider 1 - 20k, 20k, 20k
Deck Two: Raider 2 - 17k, 17k
Deck Three: Raider 3 - 15k, 15k

This damage output would look something like:
Deck One: 600k
Deck Two: 170k
Deck Three: 60k
Total: 830k

As this shows, stacking your decks in this manner should result in the highest output.

The Sylvan Labyrinth Raider Cards:

Rare: Elder Spartoi Soldier - Med/Small Boost
High Rare: Lunar Werewolf - Big/Med Boost
S Rare: Kitsune Yuel - Big/Med Boost
SSR: Moon Al-mi'raj - Great/Big Boost

I assume halfway through the event we will also see a new Raider Card with a Massive Boost. Also note, that each skill has a boost to the corruption and a boost to large bosses, I assume the large bosses are the ones that the game refers to as the 'rare' bosses which will occasionally be summoned.

Attempting to do well with minimal costs in Sylvan Labyrinth:

The key with any raid event is to get Raider Cards or even prior to the event. This way you are able to down bosses using less ATK PWR. Since previous events had Personal HP and cards like DQs as possible rewards from the 'shards' gained from defeating bosses, gaining more of them by using less HP increases your chance of balancing. Ideally, you would want to gain more HP than you are spending on the event.

Now, if you're not interested in rank, but are interested in gaining resources, just hit each boss you see once. This way you are eligible for the critical bonus 'shards' which can be traded in for items. If you get lucky you can profit pretty decently doing this.

Thats about all I have for this event for the time being. I'm unsure at this time if mobage has changed anything else, I am also kind of curious as to the HP cost of your 10 card attack deck.

Quick Note:

If you are able to attack a boss using only your core group without a penalty on the ATKPWR used, it would be best. Actually, even with a pretty significant penalty is given, it still may be worth it if you only have one great Raider Card. Since I have no idea what the ATK PWR costs will be, I don't know how well this would work.


  1. Very off topic:
    Does skilling up a devil queen do anything in regard to making it more effective?

    If so, is there a breakdown for what skill level of the DQ yields what possibility of skilling up the target card?

  2. I have never been good at these types of events. Maybe I don't understand them but the last one I spent massive amounts of HP to take a boss down. Is there a better individual strategy i can use with out spending tons of HP? Should I attack one boss once? I guess this question is for any raid boss event.

    1. High end raider cards. They increase damage output huge and are the only way that the HP gain could overtake the loss.

      Hitting each boss once does increase overall potential though since you will get a rewards at 66% boss health and 33% boss health if they do it like the last two raider events.

    2. ok so maybe i'm not understanding something here. I hear a lot of players asking how they can be effective during these events without blowing a ton of hp, I see the same response over and over use high end raider cards so you will get more points per hit/hp. The costs to these raider cards are absurd! High end raider cards being basically your SSR which is a 380 hp card on the bazaar, to make the hits substantial you have to evolve the card to make its atk power increase which costs resources and hp or tons of real life $$ to find the end of the rainbow. So you spend 1200 hp to buy a high end raider card... and again you're gonna have to be a high end player to afford a high end raider card... (ok let me recompose myself)... basically you're dropping the same amount into the event by buying raider cards, after the event is over you can sell your high end raider card at the now lower price because obviously have the cards skill is ineffective because the event is over. HOW DO I BECOME ROBIN HOOD... this game needs a dam Robin Hood.

  3. I think I'm done "spending" any HP or CW on any event until I can do the math and feel reasonably comfortable that the rewards net in a gain.

    But thanks for the summary. As usual your analysis is really good given the small amount of information we have at this time.

  4. He Lucarda, I believe you have it backwards with the rewards vs ranking.

    Things may change for this event, but in previous events, spending 100 atk points, no matter what damage you dealt, netted you bell/crystal against crystal eve/big dragon. To get more of these rewards, you have to make sure you use up your decks in multiples of 100 and no more, that maximizes your attacks. Getting an MVP reward gave even more of these, while getting a vanquisher or discoverer award gave more ranking points (boxes, shards, whatever).

    So to get a better ranking, you have to be very active to get those impact damage bonuses and to get the top rankings you WILL have to use HPs, though its possible to get within 1,000 without using a single HP just based on impact damage (unless everyone starts using this strategy). But since you can easily spend all your HPs on just a couple of bosses, its better to leave them all until the end or to ensure that a boss you have already attacked gets taken down. Damage dealt only gave a small number of points (1 point per 20,000 pts of damage, compared to 1,500 pts for an impact damage) but obviously these accumulate and can be the difference between one rank and another.

    Here's one important thing to take into account. All bosses give the same number of points per damage (1 per 20,000 as I said), but higher level bosses hit harder, so if you are going for pure HP based damage without expecting a vanquisher or MVP award, go for the lower level bosses, since your cards will survive more rounds and get more damage in.

    Once again, this is all for the previous raid events, I don't know how this new one will be.

    1. I might have it backwards. Marvel War of Heroes gives out the rewards for Part Break (kind of like Criticals) and points for Damage/Star Agent (MVP) I could be getting mixed up because of this.

    2. Just thought I'd add that in the last event if you attacked a boss say lvl 100 and got the impact bonuses, they would be less than the lvl 300 impact bonus. Also you do not have to beat the boss to aquire the impact bonus either only get it to the 60% and 30% health.

    3. Yup, all the bonuses were greater on higher level monsters and the impact bonuses only required getting past the specific threshold of damage (all other bonuses required a take down). But.. the damage reward, which is the only one that is really affected by using HPs, was the same for ALL monsters.

      BTW, the way this event works looks really different and I don't think that strategy is going to work anymore.

  5. Another thing, the secret to these events (for mid level people) is using your fellows and order members to help take down the monsters.

    You only get points for monsters taken down and its impossible to take down the larger ones on your own without using up endless HPs so the best thing to do is attack each monster a bit with your own power and get help from everyone. Usually if everyone attacks a monster it will bring up the damage multiplier gauge. A high multiplier gauge will attract the high rankers who will come in to take advantage and bring the monster down with only a few HPs thanks to their large ATK power values. You get the impact damage bonus aswell as your rewards for items.

  6. Anyone know what a devil princess does???

    1. Somewhere I saw it was a 20% boost to Skill Enhancement.

  7. Its a mini version of dq. Think its 5 mini = 2 dq

  8. What's up with these Attack Points? I've spent a lot of time getting my Attack Power up so high I can attack 5 times. Now everybody just gets to attack 6 times before using 1 hp? With 1 or 2 more attacks I could compete with players with better cards but lesser stats (i.e. Lvl 60 players that just buy a lot of cards instead of working through the quests). So basically Mobage/Cygames just wants us to buy more cards/hp instead of trading for better cards.

  9. The previous methods of doing reasonably well on these events no longer apply, with this 6 AP stuff. It has become all about spending massive amounts of HP again, same as with the Holy Wars. Do the quests, collect the feeders. I am not spending a signgle HP on htis event. If people stopped throwing their cash at Mobage, things might stop moving in this direction. The problem is it's working, and people are buying HP and cards like crazy!

    1. I don't plan to spend any real cash on this game at all. I just want to see how far I can get with the existing limitations. You will always get rewards as long as you play, just little ones, so as long as you don't spend HPs, you are making a profit.

      My philosophy is that the enjoyment of the game comes from the satisfaction of improving your deck. If you are able to improve your deck quickly, that basically reduces the amount/time you are getting satisfaction from this game, so making it harder is just adding a challenge and thus making it last longer.

      Once you have the perfect deck, there is basically nothing to do with it
      anyway, since there is nothing beyond getting better cards.

  10. off topic but i bought devil queens during HW to try and sell later for profit. should i just sell now and cut my losses with the release of devil princess?