Saturday, March 30, 2013

I know, I know

I know that I've been extremely bad about posting lately. And honestly, I would like to post more but between family and work deadlines I spend the little free time I have playing videogames to unwind a bit.

To give you an idea of what takes up my time:

Work about 50+ hours a week at the moment to hit deadlines.
Play Marvel War of Heroes
Play Rage of Bahamut
Play a Mobile Game in Development
Play a New Mobile Game every week - Currently breaking down four different mobile games and what makes them successful. Have also tried ayakashi, Immortalis, Arcane Empire, Galaxy Empire, D.O.T. Pantheon of Legends, KaW. Etc.
Recently I've played: Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Atlantica, SMITE, Tera Rising, Path of Exile, Aion, C9, Allods, Raiderz, League of Legends, Pirates 101, Firefall. And that's just the tip. Each time I play these I generally write a review of it.
Write other articles
Family Time
Watch a couple movies

So, sometimes I get a little burnt out. Obviously updating my best decks lists would be helpful, but it's also the most boring and asinine task on the site. Especially considering that new cards are releasing so fast that the data immediately goes out of date.

But, how often do I need to tell people how to do well in Holy Wars? Or how often do I need to tell people if they want to do well in an event they need to find a way to get event cards? If they had truly new event I would be excited and write all about it.

Now, I could write a cost benefit analysis one paying players vs non paying players. That's the only recommendation that's come recently that intrigues me, but since I don't pay it would be pure speculation. With the current economy though I'm not quite sure why somebody would pay.

Now, somebody might say "Well, if you had time to write this, you could have written about something more insightful." This doesn't take a lot of energy to write and = I think it's worth letting people know that I still look at and read the site and the only reason I'm not posting as often is because Rage hasn't really been doing anything worth writing about.

So, in an effort to post more often, I'm definitely going to post about things that may not be directly related to Rage of Bahamut but do relate to games. Starting Monday and going forward, I'm going to be posting the following:

A look at the Mobile Game Pirate Maidens - Focusing on how the concept made me laugh my ass off.

A post wondering what in the world is the appeal of farming games

The following week:

Hopefully Rage does something noteworthy, and if they don't a list of noteworthy things they should consider doing.

A rant about girl gamers.

The following week: I haven't thought this far ahead.

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