Thursday, October 4, 2012

Legend of Cryptids Runs Puppet Master Event

Master of Puppets.png 

So, Legend of the Cryptids is currently running a Puppet Master event that is virtually a carbon copy of Rage of Bahamuts.

Personally I thought it was really funny that they did it because there are a lot of people who look at LoC as a carbon copy of Rage of Bahamut with easier evolutions and more mature artwork. There are only so many events that a TCG can run but I found it pretty funny that they called theirs the Master of Puppets.

The only difference in the event appears to be the bosses at first are way easier, defeating the bosses pays more cards, and the rank payouts are a lot higher than Rage of Bahamut.

If anybody is looking to start playing, feel free to use 'lucarda' as a referral. I just with the referral cards were tradeable.


  1. Actually they did it first they have already done a puppet master months ago this is like r.o.b hw. It's redone very couple of months

  2. been reading yer blog for awhile on ROB and love it. Been extremely helpful just wish i found it before i reached the 60 level and i might be better off now at where im at. but other than that starting LOC today and will be using u as a referal. thanks for the info.