Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stampede of Goblins

So, Holy War is over and the next event announced is the Stampede of Goblins. This event will follow the new 10 card structure of Raid Events with a little bit of a twist. Rewards are dished out twice during the course of the event.

How Stampede of Goblins will work:

Players will complete missions to summon bosses. Once three different types of bosses are defeated the door to the Goblin Lair will open. Opening the door to the Goblin Lair will allow players to access more powerful bosses for a limited time. These bosses will allow players to gain higher ranking much faster, so opening that door is important.


Much like the previous event, Stampede of Goblins will be using a 10 card system. This means that to do the best you will need to have 7 strong cards and 3 Raider cards. Each time you attack you will use one of the combat resource, AP, of which you will be allocated 6.

Players can also use HP to do powerful attacks on enemies. As you defeat bosses you will gain Anima which will count toward your points as well as resources that can be traded in for cards, hp, cw, etc.

Rewards changes

Now, the rewards at the end of the event have stayed the same, but the event structure has changed by adding rewards to the middle of the event. The rewards in the middle of the event are made to help players compete during the 2nd half of the event.

This change is interesting because the length of the events has long been something that players have disliked. This mini reward in the middle gives players a shorter point to aim for, and the rewards will help them compete in the second half. It's kind of a nice break from having to push for two weeks.

It's also benefits mobage by making sure players are active early on. The earlier they are pushing for rank, the more HP they will theoretically spend.

The only thing I would hate of them to do would be to have the rewards at the halfway mark be weak event cards. Since these are supposed to be rewards for doing well, I feel that the reward cards should be decently strong. 


To do well during this event it's important to get raid cards and time your attacks. Since every attack will be using 1/6 of your total resource, it's important to ensure you're not overkilling too many bosses. Being able to calculate out your damage so you get the most bang for your buck is really important.

Outside of that, you need to open gates as well. Don't use HP before you open a gate. Since only one type of a gate boss will appear at a time, you want to demolish one, then do missions rapidly to get another up. Also, hit everybody's gate boss once for the critical bonuses.

Anyway, good luck and have fun!


  1. This event came faster than i thought it would. im not gonna go into how i dislike ap system that ROB seems to be sticking with now. These rewards dont seem bad for the event. I just dont have any event cards at all..and very few cw or hp left to get below 10,000 rank this go around. I spent more than i thought i was in HW all for nothing besides pride i guess lol cause reward def wasnt worth it!

    1. I dislike the AP system as well and I was in the same boat HW before last. I tanked my HP to push for top 40 which as it turns out still wouldn't have had me breaking even.

  2. i have a off event subject question for your opinion..i been saving up cp tickets cause i dont! spend money on game and never plan too! but I roughly have 30 now. and been thinking maybe i should spend them. And try get my first event card 2 build and keep. or should i keep saving them up for what idk lol..few of my order member said i should save them till a cyrstal included type comes back around and use them then. that is if ROB ever bring it back.. whats your opinion on whens a good time to use them or is it just silly for me to be saving them up lol

    1. I would use them now with the card packs with crystals. Inferno dragons were going for 10+ last time I checked and you should be able to get several with the crystals from 30 cps.

    2. I would use them for the raider cards. Even if you don't have the time or desire to participate in the raid event you can sell them for more PP than pretty much any non raider cards goes for.

    3. im participating just dont have resources to do better than i would like. Also not having any event cards is not helping. used 11 cp nothing but rare cards. think i'll use rest once second half of event is released. im sure they will release few new event cards try my luck again. wish i just had few cards to sell so i could buy. but i dont only have 13hp which is nothing. its going take awhile build resources back up

  3. When I look at the rewards for this event I don't really see any good god cards that I would be interested in.

    Am I missing something or is this event a time to stock up on some feeder cards and wait it out?

    1. You're not missing something. Mobage is failing pretty hard on rewards.

    2. God realm had amazing rewards on almost every events...

  4. The price drops on bazaar due to massive influx of tickets are ridiculous. I wish I sold my cards before this damn birthday of theirs.

  5. Is there a benefit to using event specific cards and do all bosses count as "large bosses"? What I'm trying to determine is is there a benefit to using 3xbirthday angels (unlvled and unevolved vs 1 birthday angel (unlvled and unevolved) and 2 lunar werewolves (maxlvled but unevolved)? Thanks

    1. I have wondered this too and asked a similar question that wasn't answered previously I think. Here is what I have found from some trial and error. It is better to have maxed out final forms with good stats unless you are going to raise the skill level and max out the unevolved card. Raising the skill level on a raider card seems to increase the chance of it firing when fighting a boss. So if you have a card at skill level one, my experience is it will hardly ever fire (usually fires 0 times for me, maximum of 2 if I am really lucky) and isn't worth the small boost when it does fire if you can instead have a higher stat card there. (having a ff raider card with high skill level is of course the best option) I thought maybe a skill level 10 raider card would fire 100% of the time, but this isn't true either. I would love to know if anyone else knows anything else. And yes, I think all bosses count as large bosses. Basically if the card has a skill for the specific kind of boss mentioned then it gets that better boost. If it doesn't (odysseus, axe master, etc), then all bosses are larger bosses for the purposes or that card. Does that help?

  6. Off topic but does anybody know what def number would be on a 5th evo temp vampire,4/7 plus 4/7? Im thinking about buying some before the 5th evo comes out but I dont know how to calculate the final number to see if its worth it.

  7. As a newish player I had some questions that google doesn't seem to want to answer.

    1. Close to what drcdupre is asking, do duplicate cards fire at the same frequency as non duplicate cards. Or are they affected by diminishing returns like the normal attack deck and defense deck.

    2. Are the triggering of event specific skill set or are they affected by skill up increases (every point in skill up increases the percent by 1% - very difficult to test)

    3. Are the boosts to event specific creatures greater then the all large bosses boosts. Aka if I have a medium boost to goblins is that larger then a medium boost to all.

    4. What % is small, medium, and large boosts to goblins (and if they are different to all.)

    From what I can tell of the cards i have
    small to all (elder homonculus) is about a 100% increase (double damage)
    medium boost to goblin (Birthday Angel) seems to also be a 100% increase (double dmg)
    Big boost to goblin (feena) is roughly 400% ( 5 times larger then normal)
    -A skill up seems to be somewhere in 10-20% more damage

    While exact numbers would be nice for theory crafting, approximates would also be helpful as the medium vs small seems very neglegable.

    1. 1) If they are a duplicate card the chance of a second one going off is reduced by a factor of 2. (If it would normally be 50% chance it's now 25%)This does not apply to event cards.

      2) Event skill are effected by leveling skills. Event skills are NOT effected by the duplicate card penalty.

      3) From my understanding a medium boost to 'all' card should be equivalent to medium boost to goblins. I would need somebody to let me know for sure though.

      4) The % boost is different for all and it multiplies your deck attack. The computations are different so I'm not sure.

      Is your Elder Hom. fully evolved? At full evolution Event cards abilities are normally brought to the next level (i.e. Small becomes medium)

      As for Theorycrafting this event it's easy. Big>Medium>Small. Since your 3 main cards are the only ones that really matter since they're the only ones that trigger you just want the biggest buff you can get leading each group

      Hope that helps.

    2. Hey,
      I'm also trying to figure this thing out..
      Does skilling up the event cards really change the % of damage they do? Also - where have you read about the upgraded skill for ff?

      Your blog is awesome. I keep getting back to it to read stuff up :)

    3. My experience is that leveling up raider cards increases the chance that they will fire, but I don't think it increases the % damage when they do fire. I only have personal experience to base this on. If they actually do more damage that would be news to me. The upside is you do a bigger % damage compared to before if they fire more often so you want the card to fire as often as possible so it is beneficial to raise the skill level. I am a big fan of raider cards with non event skills since you get have cards that aren't only for events, like the radiant shaman card. Makes me hate my sl 6 and sl8 Odysseus cards a bit these days...

    4. The elder hom is a ++, don't have the time mid event to move it to ff
      The birthday pack crashed prices allowing me to get a lot of things I shouldn't have been able to get quite this quickly (around 20ish days played) so alot of things are being lvled up.

      I don't see a diff in the medium vs small to all, medium might be 100-150% the small seems to be 100%.

      In theory i could create an event deck with just the angel, Feena, and hom and attack a bunch to figure it out, not going to happen unless I create an account on another device to figure it out.

      my experience at an unlvled feena was roughly 5x (400%) after a skill up it is somewhere in the (10-20% larger) could just be lucky but the normal hits are roughly 5k the buffed are roughly 27k when she wasn't buffed they were 25k

      If the information exists somewhere I would be interested in the actual % values, otherwise I could create a raid deck to figure it out

      as an aside do the higher lvl mobs have more AC? It seems like my attacks went down in value recently and I'm not sure if its due to the defense of the monster

  8. I think the big>medium>small is easy to get but what is exactly the difference between say Big to large bosses and medium to goblins?

  9. Order related question. It says that you can increase your number of members and number of leader positions by raising the level of your order by donating. I would like to know what levels you get increases at, especially to the number of leader positions. Does anyone know where you can find this information?

    In regards to the event, it seems to me that participation is down. I went really hard and used most of my resources on the last raider event to place top 4000 which wasn't really worth it. I didn't get very lucky with the exchanges and the actual placement rewards were garbage in my opinion. So I'm personally not going as hard and just working on making a better deck mostly by trying to raise the skill level on some of my cards...

  10. This may seem an odd question but what are the existing raider for high rare demons? I can only recall lunar were wolf and inferno? Wiki doesn't seem to list such card with event/raid skills properly

    1. It doesn't really matter what realm the raider card is. The matching realm bonus doesn't apply to big bosses.