Friday, April 19, 2013

Dragon's Awakening

Dragon's Awakening is a variation of two different events and I have to say it's pretty interesting. Rage of Bahamut combined the standard raid event with a grow your pet event. So, what to do?

Raid Aspect

The raiding is the core aspect of this event. This means that the best way to do well is to purchase raider cards. The additional damage they do just can't be understated. Ideally you will stack three of them and participate heavily. This will normally be enough to net a nice reward.

Donation Aspect

The secondary aspect of course is feeding your dragon for rewards. The items you feed the dragon can be anything from your normal rares/hr sitting around to the random event cards and berries that appear. The key though is you'll be actively donating.

The Cycle

The interesting part of this event and what I want to touch on most is the flow/cycle. This event is tailored to help get rid of some of excess cards on the market and help the economy (now it won't really work but I'm not going to spend time discussing it here) as well as allow people to feel like they are getting something while doing it.

A player will begin by going through quests which will lead to downing raid bosses. After these two tasks are done the player will figure out what to donate to their dragon and do so. Now the fun part here is the player will then have (hopefully) shards/rewards that give them the ability to go through another series of quests and raid bosses to get more stuff to donate to their dragon.

The reason I like this shift is that this extra stage not only helps newer players contribute but it also offers a longer period of entertainment per session. This may be annoying for some who just want to log on and get their stuff done before logging off (me) but it's really enjoyable for new players, and if there's one thing the game needs its a stream of new players.

  • Don't waste HP buying cards to donate. I know it's the purpose of the event but realistically you're not likely to get ahead that way when you could do missions and battle raid bosses with that HP.
  • Get Raider Cards ASAP. They may sell for a lot at the start but the time you spend using them and the HP you save is increased the longer you have one.
  • Help by attacking your Order's bosses.
  • Events like this are a great time to skill up cards.
  • Events like this are a great way for newbies to stockpile rupies.
  • Have fun and try not to play until you burn out.


  1. Can we have a post on holy angel altaia, whether she's worth it based on her skill and her stats?

  2. How do you get the 4th card? I burned 14 phps trying... just garbage rares.

    1. You get her from the paid card packs C:

    2. Not really, i think we will get the 4th Altaia when the 2nd part of the event when live tomorrow

    3. Actually burned about 50 pcps, after an ordermate said he snagged one. No dice. Pretty poor drop rate too: 1 ssr, 2 hr, 47 rares.

  3. I am wondering the same thing. I really hope someone has gotten a fourth one in a way other than card packs...

  4. Some people in my order think we might get a 4th during the second half.

  5. Besides getting lucky from card packs, I think she might make an appearance in the second half in the mystery box where you will have a very small chance of getting her when exchanging red*(pick a color) and gold* hearts. Since there will be new monster(s) she won't be as valuable since most people will go after the new and more valuable monsters. If they are feeling generous, maybe we will get one as a reward for beating a boss...

  6. In my order we are betting that too. They give away the first 3 and to get more you will probably need to spend a lot buying cps. But I agree that they made some different things to get this event a bit more interesting.
    Lucarda, I wanted to know your opinion in the "hermit-guy" event just before HW. Wasnt the coolest of all time, for sure, but it was something different from what we have seen in ROB until now... (Personally it got me some free HP to spend in HW so it was worth in that point...)

    1. Definitely worth the free hp. I think I got around 15 php which was nice. Would have gotten more (and more free stuff) if they would have done a better job saying when it was going to start. Really screwed me with their timeline since they basically said coming soon... and then bam, it started and I missed the first day because it started in the evening...

    2. I LOVED the Hermit-guy event. They need more events like this between events to space things out more. The back to back to back nature of these big long events is just too much like work.

  7. You know what I love...!?!?!? The rewards Mobage is giving out for the Dragon event! Mini-HP!!! Guess they're tired of people using free, personal HP for their FFx3 or Blitz attacks. Oh and a junk S rare for a 3,001 place finish! These guys are disgrace... I went from a hardcore player to a part-time guy that only shows up for holy wars because they're entertaining. The cash grab by these clowns is such a short-sighted business plan, it's amazing they even make money.

    1. What's even more amazing are the people willing to spend on these games that's keeping mobage platformed games on the top grossing apps. The amount of money that people spend on these games astound me. For example, some people would spend $2k to hit top ranks for Fantasica, which is beyond sensible, in my opinion.

    2. I totally agree, its ridiculous what people spend. I know a guy who dropped 1k before a war and when I asked him why he would spend that much money, he said its like a hobby. Some people spend $60+ a week on video games instead he spends in one chunk on RoB. Kinda makes sense a little.

    3. I don't spend on video games like $60 a week (don't have that type of money) but at least these people are getting tangible goods that they can later sell on eBay or something. I would be willing to be that people would get back very little if the game were to shut down (fat chacne though since people are still spending money like crazy), much like how Zynga closed most of their games except of Ayakashi Ghost Guild.

      I really don't understand how people can throw so much money into a game on a tablet or smartphone. These people should pay for my tuition or buy be all of the new consoles.

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  9. Lucarda what is a good evergreen (probably should say constant but I play magic and that word seems to fit better) Raider setup in the current environment? Does faction play into it? Advice for a newb is this an event where you have to spend money to get ahead or does your deck really play into it. I currently am sitting in the 10000 range using everything I can to try to stay abreast of the event.

    1. Russell,

      The answer isn't one you'll like. It's cash. Cold hard currency getting paid into buying those attack powders. Most everything else is what will get you those lousy 10k range rewards. Sad but least from my perspective.

    2. What you'll need to get below 5k ranking

      -An active order and fellows, so that whenever you found something, they can finish it off/calling others to expand the chance of killing it for you. Soloing will get you nowhere as the higher you go up, the bigger the HP these bosses get and the smaller the chance you have to kill them.

      - Try not to put up with too many bosses at a time. You can only have 5 bosses up at a time so make it useful, Just find 1 boss, hit it and hit call so you will be counted as "active" in the event. Then wait for your active order/fellow to call you with their boss.

      -Try to be active as long as possible, if you have a good order and you know what to do, you can stay "active" in the event for hours, leeching boss from others until you don't have enough HP to spent. For eg in the last event i was able to push through 20k to 3k after 3 hours leeching nonstop.

      With that being said, the reward for 3000-5000 in this event are crap. Just try to get between 5000-10000 is enough.

    3. The rewards below 2k are all junk. But those are the only achievable ranks without spending cash or tons of HP...which equates to cash because the days of just generating HP are long gone.

  10. Lucarda, Transformers Legends just came out. Are you going to post anything regarding that?

  11. If you want to rank high without spending hp (2-5k ish)definently take amoex's advice to heart.

    -Be active, you have to press the attack button do get points. People will fellow other active players. Like all games, to get better you must play.

    -Play with active people, trim that fellow list, if people aren't performing or aren't sending you raid mobs they are 5 stat points. You can remove 1 a day without penalty. Do so. You need them to kill your stuff and you want a taste of everything they are cooking.

    - Don't fill up your list with to many raid mobs. Your going to get invites and you want to a taste of as many as you can get. One AP on each mob gets you a lot of points. It also gives you those mission rewards.

    - Turn in every day, you can get 21 ap worth of berries per day. So save some up and get those mini hps.

    For the event itself the guild i'm in finished weight in the first half just on berries, so I wouldn't really spend cards. Cards help you skill up.

    You can level a card with the maturity bonus by attacking, if your not going to kill the mob (your not going for mvp) you can stick it in the lineup to get that 2-5% experience. It adds up over the course of the event. (I wouldn't use this to get to FF as you want to skill it a bit at the same time but for the levels in between its not bad)

  12. 20 daily + 21 from turn ins + 2 per hour (48) = 89 attacks a day IF you never sleep and never let your total hit 6 (don't want to lose time there).

    89 attacks...if you actually try and clear the soft mobs to open up your own mob finders bonus I think you'd end up with less total points. So let's assume you have a stream of mobs that ALL get defeated with your one single attack on them.

    Let's say they're all premium mobs...

    So that's roughly 2k an attack? So 188k a day. No sleep, an unbelievable network of friends/order members and an obsessive perfect play of at LEAST every <3 hours.

    Ugh. I guess.

    We're on day what? 18 and I'm at ~870k (I've spent a lot of HP) and I'm sitting at position 2694...still ~700 out of any decent rewards.

    I guess if you're a machine you could have closer to 3.4 million by now and definitely be in the money....but that's the hard limit based on a perfect situation and near-inhuman ability.

    I think the reality is:

    1> There will be mobs that don't die that you contributed to.
    2> There will be times of no mobs available to tap.
    3> Humans must sleep and rest and not play phone games 24 hours every day for weeks at a time.
    4> There are advantages to killing "non premium" mobs, for the kill bonuses etc.

    My guess is a sane person is incapable of getting sub 2K ranking without sinking cold hard cash into the game. I'd be interested in data to the contrary.

    But even the difference between a HR a DP and 20 mini powders and a DQ and a poor SR and 2 random SRs worth $20? Would $20 be enough to even break the 2k barrier? What about $40. Or $100?

    At what point is the cost/benefit of this game TOTALLY out of whack?

    The people with the best decks are IMHO in two categories...they're money spenders or people who don't play the game, they just game the bazaar and play it as a speculative market.

    I wish I had the patience to play that way. I wish the economy of this game wasn't in the pits. But it's getting more and more frustrating hoping for a positive change.

  13. lucarda, or anyone else for that matter. can you answer a question for me?
    for hw, how many leader positions are available? currently my order stands at 7 leaders and 1 order leader. i've heard that you might be able to get 8 leaders and 1 order leader? anyone know what that requirement is? i've been scouring to find the info, but cannot.

  14. yes that is true. unless I'm mistaken you get 1 order leader and 8 other spots. my order is lvl 90 with that many leaders and i dont think we will get another.

    1. so graeme, your order currently has that many? do you remember when you got that many?

    2. sry i don't, i think it was around lvl 88.

  15. Can anyone help me out :-) I have been reading this blog for some time now, but never took the time to write some comments.

    As of now, my DEF is consisting of these cards (oh, I am "Demons realm" by the way):
    - Middle: Hamelin (4-7, skill 10)
    - Left: Wight King (5-9, skill 10)
    - Right: Cruel Priestess (6-7, skill 10)
    - Outer left: Bloody Mistress (6-11, skill 10)
    - Outer right: Queen Vampire (4-7, skill 1)

    I am working towards a Medusa (4-7 skill 10). Should have one anytime soon. But I am confused whether I should place Medusa in the middle (so it hits the attacker 24%) or next to Hamelin. Could anyone advice me what to do?

    It's hard to find cards like this, and Medusa is pretty much the only Demons card with this skill (next to Unholy Dragon, but I really want Medusa because of its art). But I am unsure about the hit vs boost. I usually get attacked by 95/100k decks, so a 24% hit should hit them hard (more than what I can boost with Hamelin).

    Working as a defence leader (should have 104k DEF with that Medusa). Medusa will replace either Bloody Mistress (17%) or Cruel Priestess (19%). Guess the 2% difference should have a higher impact than the 800 extra points, so I am leaning towards selling Bloody Mistress.

    Thanks guys!!

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  18. Thanks man, but I am pretty sure that debuffs hit your base value, and not the buffed value.

    It would be kinda nasty if you just let the attacker buff his stats up to 150k, so you can hit him with 24% (36k). The attacker can never do this with "massive hit to..." cards, because they trigger their cards first.

    According to wiki pages (and Alucard's test), you add the buff to your base. A couple of my fellows with full skill 10 legends decks often place their "massive hit to (all)" cards as wing cards, so the buffs as middle cards seem to be a preferred setup.

    I also read Alucard's page about this matter:

  19. hey lucarda, was just wondering when a new post would be out? was hoping for one on the new hw stuff but thats almost over, so anything else would be nice:)

  20. Yeah, I was looking forward to your commentary on the castle crusher event!

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