Monday, November 26, 2012

Upcoming Posts

Honestly, I'm really addicted to a computer game right now and I have some work to do on some other things so I'm not going to make a full on post today because my upcoming posts actually require a decent amount of work but I'll give you an idea of some of the upcoming stuff.

-Updates to all of my Best Deck lists. Although I have been band-aiding them occasionally a decent update is needed.

-New cards released. This post will focus on several of the new cards I've been ignoring as they've been released. (I tend to only notice cards that are new leaders but there are a lot of very viable mid level power ones)

-How to create a successful order and/or improve a current order. It's not as easy as 'add stronger members'

Those are three but not necessarily in that order. I'll definitely get 1 or 2 done this week, just not today.


  1. A computer game but the name is not given...don't leave us hanging.

  2. hi Lucarda, thank you for post those useful info about ROB
    one question for you, do you know where i can find the skill chart for the wall breakers damage boost against walls and the holy war point boosters point boost %? thank you for your time