Tuesday, June 19, 2012

God Alignment

I decided that I wanted to do a three part series on the advantages/disadvantages of various alignments and the second one is God Alignment.

God alignment has no significant disadvantage. It is hindered slightly by the growing popularity. God cards have few great offensive cards and this coupled with the fact they are the second most popular race, makes offensive cards hard to gather as God alignment. Brunnhildes are one of the most sought after card and actually have a higher value than some the best High Rare Demon cards. This makes it expensive to create a powerful attack deck for cards but creating a great defense deck is less expensive.

Gods have the best defense in the game. Many of the God cards have the highest defensive stats out of the Rage of Bahamut cards. Because of this God cards can be used to create a very powerful defensive deck early on. Also, later on they have the strongest defense coupled with the second strongest offense.

I believe the advantage for Gods far outweighs the fact that there are few viable offensive cards. They have the second highest offense and the highest defense. As far as endgame viability they should be the most powerful alignment. If you read my previous post you should remember though that winning vs losing is more heavily dictated by which cards trigger their skills.

Should somebody manage to have all the best cards available in every slot of their deck for God Alignment, that person would be only be beatable by an offensive deck focused on defeating Gods.

I believe that God alignment during endgame is currently the best alignment in the game.

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