Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rage of Bahamut Quick Starter Tips

1) At the start you will be prompted for a referral code. Use one, if a friend referred you to the game, use his. If he has not I'd appreciate it if you used mine.

 J V I 1 3 7 8 9.

2) Do not trade with anybody until you have an idea of the value of things. Most high levels will seek you out to offer bad trades. That means decline 100% of the trades until you know what you're doing.

3) Did you read rule 2? Read it again. Comprehend it. Save it.

4) Which alignment is for you? Demons are heavy attack, Gods are heavy defense, Man are Balanced. Demon is most popular, followed by Gods, followed by Man. That being said, this is a card trading game, meaning Demon Cards are most expensive, followed by God, followed by Man. Pick what you want but I will note Man cards are the least expensive.

5) Put your first 80 points in stamina. This will allow you to quest and level faster. You will get attacked and lose often during early levels, don't let it discourage you as you will level faster in the end.

6) You will notice you get cards for those rings/orbs you gather early. These are called treasure cards. They have a LOW value. Do not let people fool you into trading for them. You can not Evolve these cards, as such they are often worthless. NEVER trade for them.

7) Do you still remember what rule 2 is? Read it again. Comprehend it. Save it.

8) You will NOT have good cards at the start of the game. You will get a couple of Rare cards from the Legends Starter Packs at the start. If you get High Rares, S Rares, or SS Rares from the packs, you are extremely lucky and congratulations. Save any High rares, S Rares, or SS Rares until you have an understanding of values.

9) Add Fellows right away. Each fellow added gives you a bonus 5 points to place into stats. Also, join an Order, many of these people are willing to help you if you're active.

10) I hate to say it, but go re-read rule 2. Comprehend it. Save it.

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  1. I always recommend safeguarding those HR and SR cards you find at a low level, this will keep those high levels from cheating you, and read rule 2 again!
    Great guide