Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man Alignment

I decided that I wanted to do a three part series on the advantages/disadvantages of various alignments and the third one is Man Alignment.

Man alignment has a significant disadvantage. Man cards have neither the best offensive cards nor defensive cards. Their topmost cards are competitive but fall just short of their Demon/God counterparts.

Man is the least popular alignment in the game. As a result man cards have lower value and are thus easier to attain and easier to build a stronger deck with. This gives man a huge edge during early and mid game, but their edge falls of late game due to the superior attack of Demon Alignment and the superior defense of God Alignment. Because on average a person playing Man Alignment should be able to more cost effectively attain better cards, Man could be arguably the best alignment.

I believe the somewhat weaker defense and offense of Man Alignment has little to no effect overall. Players will never be able to attain all the best cards since the developers will continue to create new ones, players will always be in a state of almost near the top. Because players won't reach that peak people playing Man Alignment will always be able to attain their best faster due to cost. This means that Man should have a higher percent of players with better decks. But I would say the top Demon Realm player will beat the top man player.

Should somebody manage to have all the best cards available in every slot of their deck for Man Alignment, that person will only be beatable by players with the top cards of their respective alignments.

I believe that Man Alignment during endgame is currently the weakest alignment in the game, but since we technically have a true endgame, they could be considered the most powerful because of the ease of gathering cards.

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