Friday, June 15, 2012

Stat Distribution

On concern for a lot of people is whether or not they are correctly distributing their stat points in the proper area for what they wish to do.

Putting stat points in the wrong stat and later finding out you want to swap it over to somewhere else is a timely endeavor. There is only one way to currently do it. I will discuss this at the bottom.

Your primary stats are Stamina, Attack, and Defense. As a beginner I always recommend putting all your points into Stamina until you get to 80-100 depending on preference. I say this because it will allow you to level more quickly which will open up the ability to add more fellows. Each fellow added gives you a bonus five stat points. Another advantage of having higher stamina is you feel the need to play less often. Every minute that goes by while you are capped in stamina is a minute of lost value. Because of that I think that most people check their accounts every hour and a half or so. If you push to 120 stamina you only need to check your account every two hours to quest. I consider 80-120 Stamina the minimum range of what somebody should have. Any less than that you will regret it during events that involve heavy questing. Recently the Easter Quests as well as The Roar of the Dragons. Stamina points are replenished to full by clear water.

After you have allocated Stamina I will always recommend get at least 130-150 points in attack and in defense. The reason I say these numbers is that they are the minimums necessary to hold the highest point attack cards in a five set. This will ensure you can make either one good attack or one good defend. This also comes in valuable during events that utilize attack and defense points, most recently the Holy War. Both attack and defense is refreshed using holy powder.

As for where you go from here. If you followed my advice you should be around 100 Stamina, 130 Attack, 130 Defense and wondering where to go from here. This is entirely dependent on you. Most Orders are looking for people who can maintain themselves during Holy Wars. Because of this I would recommend choosing either attack or defense, and ignore stamina.

I can't truly discuss the importance of Attack/Defense without mentioning Holy Wars. I am hoping that whoever is reading this is aware of what a Holy War is, and what the roles are of people, I will make a post about Holy Wars at some point.

Having heavy attack points gives an attacker the ability to bash an enemy multiple times. During a Holy War this is important because each time you defeat an enemy you'll gain points. This will allow you to increase your individual ranking in a holy war significantly. Having heavy attack points also means when you use a Holy Powder you may be getting 2-3 or more attacks per holy powder than somebody who only has enough attack points to hit once. Many Orders have several solid attackers.

Having heavy defense points hurts your individual ranking in a Holy War because you are unable to accumulate heavy points as an individual because of your low attack power. Because of this there are very few true defense leaders. The advantage to defense points is that no matter the attacker, you only lose 10 pts per failed attack during a Holy War. This means that if you had 300 points and you deck was a 100 point deck, they'd have to attack you 20 times. If you defense deck is strong enough for their attack leaders to not beat it, this will almost ensure a victory for your order and greater points as a group.

Having heavy stamina points is an option. This would give you the ability to accumulate huge amounts of cards through questing and use of cure water. It will also almost ensure that an Order will not take you. Many people have a second device that they use as a feeder account for this purpose. If you have 300 stamina, a cure water is that much more potent. Stamina is not so important that it should ever be at this level.

So decide what you want to do, I personally push attack power because I've always believed that even if you have no defense, if their defense can't stop your offense it doesn't matter. But anybody who knows football knows that a great offense wins games, a great defense wins championships.


  1. In light of the recent Holy War, I found that a lot of order leaders have only 10 DEF. They also give very little points when attacked. Sure you can edit your deck to use less ATK but its easy to miscalculate.

    Having said this, it seems to me that to be most effective in HW, you should only raise either ATK or DEF--as to bash everything, or defend everything.

    I am currently at my early level 40s so I'm sure to be able to accumulate more ATK. But isn't it better to join an order with a good defense leader and attack 4x per HP than 3x?

    1. It doesn't work the way you think it does. The points are determined by number of attack points attacked with and how many times the opponent has been defeated. I have never seen an order leader with 10DEF, so I don't know why you're seeing "a lot" of them with it. The reason they are probably giving few points is that your order is farming the crap out of them.

      There's no defense leader good enough to protect the order against any remotely organized order. If he goes down and an order of 10pt defenses are behind him, you lose. And chances are he will go down, because all somebody like me would have to do is attack random individuals in random battle and gain the 30% buff to morale. Pretty tough for any defense leader to hide from.

      There are 4 other really significant reasons that this won't work but to explain them would require a large post and explanation of mathematics.

  2. Thanks Lucarde, I just joined the game & I will follow your point distribution system. Hopefully from the time that you write this article until now not much changing in point distribution system.
    if you gain more in game depth view I would like to read your comment and follow up.
    thanks again

  3. Hi Lucarda, I have some question about restat. My character is sitting at STA-122/ATK-222/DEF-150 with 34 fellows in my list. If I remove all of my fellows, I believe I'll end up around 100's with each respective stat. I like to restat my character to STA-60/ATK-as much as possible/DEF-150. So my question is, is it possible to remove more points further at that stage? If it's possible how do I do it?