Friday, June 22, 2012

Battle Rankings

The newly implemented Battle Ranking in Rage of Bahamut is a nice approach to getting players more involved with attacking. The system establishes a rank for players based on the number of points they accumulate in a a day. Points are accumulated through successfully attacking an opponent or successfully defending from an opponent.

The rewards for doing well in the rankings are gems. Gems can be used to buy card packs, rare cards, or holy powder/cure water. Gem rewards are given out based on weekly ranking, not daily.

Daily ranking is used to earn titles. Hitting a certain daily ranking a specific number of times will result in an earned title and often a reward (card packs/hp/cw).

Previously in my Rage of Bahamut Guide I put very little stock in defense because during Holy Wars you only needed one great defense leader to hold your ground, the implementation of Battle Ranking has changed that quite a bit. The highest point totals in battle ranking are achieved by defending from numerous player attacks since you only lose a portion of your defense from successfully defending. See Defense for details.

Using no holy powder and these numbers:

Attacking: 100pts per attack, can attack once every 100 minutes, 1440 minutes in a day, 14 attacks, 1400 points total.

Defending: 50pts per defend, can defend once every 10 minutes, 1440 minutes in a day, 144 defends,
7200 points total. Same math with as low as 20pts per defend, 2880 points total. You will see some people attaining 80k points. I can only assume this is done through some method of cheating.

As you can see, Defending is significantly better for points assuming you can keep people attack you.

Had I anticipated the system working like this I would have gotten 150 defense instead of 130. I would have also gathered blue artifacts in large quantity since they are the rarest and people will most often attack for them. Finally, I would have worked harder on my defense deck instead of offense aiming for roughly 70k defense unbuffed for a rough cost of 110 Defense points (ensures I can be attacked 4 times within 10 minutes without losing cards).

One thing to remember, it is not worth using HP for this event. The amount of HP you would need to use to match the people in the top rankings would grossly outweigh the amount of HP needed to simply purchase the reward you're after.


  1. I think people get 80K as the top ranking players farm each other from what I have seen in my order. So as one of them ends up on low defense points they all farm that player. And as they are still high ranking and worth more points say in excess of 6 or 7 hundred they can use 50 attack points and still win meaning more attacks and even more points. But without a strong deck to keep up with the elite players you can't farm each other like they do.
    Just thought I'd put that out there

    1. Yes. Since I've posted I learned a bit of the tricks involved. When it first started out people were actually using huge amounts of HP as well. That has dwindles down quite a bit. Also, it's circular since the people who attained high rank are attacked more often.

      In order to gain a high rank I found that if I want to do that I do need to use a decent amount of HP daily and attack people with better than 1000 ranking.

  2. Have you changed and boosted your defence deck? If so has it made a difference to how many points you obtain per day?

    1. My deck has a low defense. I rolled Demon Realm (Which was a mistake I made when I started out and am currently living with) so purchasing a solid defense deck in addition to a strong attack deck is very expensive.

      I do know that if you have only one low level defender you give people who beat you only 1 honor. Otherwise if people lose to your defense the points you gain are based on them, not on your defense.