Saturday, June 23, 2012

High Rares

High Rares (HR) are arguably the hardest card grouping to break into. The reason for the relatively high cost of HR cards is that they are the first of what I call endgame tier cards.

The values of High Rare cards are tough to determine, but range from 15HP-60HP. The only HR I have seen go for 60HP is Brunnhilde. For those who aren't aware, HP is the main currency for purchasing High Rares although many people will only trade their HR for other HR, not HP.

I previously mentioned in Making a Strong Deck that players should first work on using rares to create a strong deck before delving into the High Rare market. The reason is there are only four ways I'm aware of to naturally come across High Rares.

The Four Legend Card Packs given as rewards, Holy Wars/Special Event Rewards, Weekly Battle Rankings, and actual purchases of Legend Card Packs using moba coins. Notice two out of the four are impacted by the power of your deck (Holy Wars/Special Events, Weekly Battle Ranking).

Now I'm going walk through what might be the normal sequence in which you acquire a HR.

Story Begin-
Lucarda has been browsing cards and notices a player with a card called Nightmare, he wants to acquire six of that card.

Step one is finding out how much Holy Powder he would need to purchase the card. For this he checks Rage-of-Bahamut Forums, a great site for Auctions and Trades. Lucarda found out at the forums that this card can be purchased for as little as 38HP and as high as 55HP but most of the time sells for 40-45HP. Lucarda only has 20HP.

Lucarda decides rather than get discouraged that he'll need 240HP for 6 of them, he will move forward. Lucarda begins farming level 2-2 for Man/God/Demon normals and combines them into High Normal cards. He then makes a post on Rage-of-Bahamut Forums and his Order that he is currently selling 9 High Normals for 1HP each. Every time his stamina is refreshed he uses it in this fashion. He acquires 5HP a day doing this. In four days he purchases his first Nightmare from a player who posted on the forums.

Lucarda continues to gain HP by offering feeder service on the forums and in his order. While he is doing this an event starts and Lucarda swaps his attention over to the event. Due to his heavy participation Lucarda acquires a High Rare during the event, he sells high during the event and gains 20HP (Event High Rares are normally less effective than true High Rares). Lucarda acquires two more cards which he sells for 15HP each before the event is over.

During this time Lucarda also has three referrals to gain him the new referral bonus card which he sells for 3-4HP each.

Lucarda now has 60HP+whatever he has gained doing feeder service before and after the event. With this he acquires two more Nightmare.

Lucarda repeats this process and after a month or less (with a little luck) of hard work gets his 6max Nightmare formed. Lucarda now sees somebody with a card called Inugami and continues his effort.
-The End

I hope people who read this understand that it will often time take quite a bit of work to break into the High Rare market. There are other unethical ways of breaking into the market, Tricking Newbies with Treasure Cards, Tricking Newbies into giving you all their HP for crappy cards, etc. The key is to keep an eye on the forums to gauge current going prices since they can change daily.


  1. how much HP do you think should i trade for a Vampire High Rare...???

    1. Oh, come on. If I'm stuck answering questions on price it'll get old fast. Ha.

      I sold the last one I had for 10HP. It's kind of a crappy high rare. I've seen them go as high as 15. Somewhere in that range.

  2. I do have to say, very very difficult to get anyone biting on the feeder services with so many. 5 minutes after post, its already on the 2nd or 3rd page. Makes it very hard to break into HR market, not to mention SR and above.

  3. Hi Lucarda, how much cost a Griffon Rider SS RARE ? (since I have one I want sell (she is at level 11.8 Enhance (BASE CARD)) ...), I'm Demon realm.

    Also, in your tutorial you said: "He then makes a post on Rage-of-Bahamut Forums and his Order that he is currently selling 9 High Normals for 1HP each"

    Then, I ask to you: And at the Bazaar, what is the price (good sell price) for 1 High Normal card ?
    Also, if skilled (?) or not (?), actually I was selling 1 High Normal card for 40 000 Rupies, but now, since I have enough rupies, I want HP for buy more powerful cards!

    1. Unfortunately that was pre-bazaar.

      Your best bet is to post on forums that you're a regular feeder and your price and get them to add you to friends and start feeding regularly 2 weeks later.

      Also, offering order members feeder service regularly for the HP. My current methods of making HP only work for me because I have a stockpile. My methods are buying low, enhancing, evoloving, selling FF at a profit.

    2. Griffin Rider, dunno. You need to max enhance it though before people will buy it. They need to see final stats or it'll sit on Bazaar forever. Nobody wants to accidentally buy a 4-0.

    3. Hey thanks for answers.

      No no, not a 4-0, just a base card of a Griffon Rider S Rare (enhanced to level 11,8 ~)

    4. Ah. If I recall it goes for 85-95ish depending on the day.

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  5. Hi, I'm an older gent catching up to my grandkids. Is it possibl for you to eyeball my decks and place some order on what and how I should proceed from here? If you think private email is best ; or look me up as MadUmkiller on ROB.

    1. Sorry bout the rupie loss from attacking you but it was the only way to look at your defense deck.

      The first thing I notice is you're man realm with a nice level and solid defense points but you are missing the boat on several cards. I'm hoping you're only stacking about 120-180 stamina points because otherwise your number of attacks will be limited.

      Ilmatar should never be your lead, ever. She's a wing card at best. Same with fox. But the real problem is you're mixing realms heavily within your deck preventing you from stacking realm buff.

      I would sell Ilmatar, Fox, and Scilla. Replace them with 2 Paladin and 2 Captain if you can. Use Mimi as your first spot card, each paladin in spots 2 and 3, and captains in 4 and 5. Defensively this would be pretty solid until you move up into a Man SSR defense (Lancelots). In general stack your strongest controlled buffs 1,2,3 with high stat cards with negligible buffs/debuffs in spots 4-5.

      Offensively I would say try to get toward 3 Claymore and 2 Master Alchemist SSR. I don't know what you're rocking at the moment but try to match realm so you can control the buff. Keep in mind you can also use your mimi offensively if you choose which will negate the need for 1 claymore.

      That's the best I can do without a specific card listing.

  6. hi lucarda its me again. my planned cheap deck would be atk: valk hild maya maya qinglong elder homun. and def: shield angel mystic fairy cybele qinglong ilmatar. currently feeding an order member hns at 3 hp per.set but he 94 hp left doesn,t seem to be able to sustain it. so now i hv 1 shield angel and 1 shield angel+ wanna trade them up they're worth 15 and 23hp. what shud i aim for coz ifrit's fallen price and nms are crazily priced at 15 hp and so the whole session of cards which range between 20 to 30 hp are gone...

    1. Not sure unfortunately. I've stopped trading for a while and have been buying cheap HR cards and evolving them into 4max and selling them.

  7. Can you give me tips on my decks my ign is ownchip6 I play league of legends too if you want to add me

  8. Hi, read this post and you seem to know what you're talking about. I know you're getting many requests but if you could spare a second to evaluate my deck, I'm darksigmar on rage and I'm just starting to break into some good cards. Whilst I have many rares and a few high rare (even a Nightmare) the only fully evolved cards I have (or at least they will be after I'm done enhancing are bucanner, berserker, astolfo, holy knight, high dancer, gladiator, high witch. I wondered what you thought of the cards I use, any thoughts appreciated :)