Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tears of the Moon

Tears of the Moon is an upcoming event that is going to take after the Easter Event. Tears of the Moon will have two facets of gameplay.

The first facet of this event is treasure cards. The treasure cards given for this event can be evolved unlike normal treasure cards. Each alignment can acquire two colors of a treasure. Treasures accumulated during events can't be gifted to other players so you'll need to acquire them via battling other alignments for treasures. Be prepared to use quite a bit of Holy Powder doing this, not because weak opponents will be hard to find, but because of the Magic Circles. People will often use Magic Circles to protect event treasure. If you are of man realm it is highly advisable that you use Magic Circle on your blue treasure. Treasure cards for the first couple of days will sell at a high then slowly settle down in pricing.
The second facet of Tears of the Moon is individual ranking. Ranking is increased as you move through the quest lines and defeat monsters. Clear water can be used to replenish your stamina to move through the quests quicker and when you reach the end, further accumulate points. The rewards for individual ranking are better than those acquired through treasure cards. The highest ranking receiving S, SSR, and HR cards.

If this event plays out like the Easter Event, rare cards will also be given once a certain number of quests are completed, for Easter it was fifty, and one hundred. Because of this gathering Clear Water will be a necessity.

Finally, the quests normally give more High Normal and even Rare cards than what normal questing does. If you are a newer player still leveling, it is advisable for the entire duration to only quest via the event.

During this time the price of clear water will rise. 1HP for 2CW has always and should always be the worst case scenario for values but it would not be shocking to hear people trying to push the values down by saying they are getting 1:1 trades all the time, the people who say that are called liars.

Good luck, have fun.


  1. Ooooh you're good. Lots of 1-1 HP-CW floating around atm.

  2. your last paragraph.