Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trading For Dummies

Have you ever seen a post of "how much is...price check this a good trade?" It's actually one of my biggest pet peeves. It's a waste of forum space and if they aren't willing to look up what the cost of a card is, they deserve to lose out on the trade.

It's not all the fault of the person posting for it, there isn't a really easy way to determine it. So, I have five very basic rules to follow involving trading.

1) Always check to see if the card is already evolved. Since a card increases its rarity when it is evolved, it may say "High Rare" and will normally have higher stats than your High Rare, but it is four Rares. Four Rares have a rough value of 8HP, a High Rare begins at 15HP.

2) Treasure High Rares are the following cards: Scribe, Alluring Angel, Ghost Rider, Verdandi, and Dragonrider. These cards cannot be evolved and are all essentially bad. Ignore any trade involving them.

3) Nine rares do NOT equal a High Rare. There is only one instance in which this MAY occur and that's if they are all invitation cards (hilde, princess, luciella).

4) If you believe that message about your leader card and how somebody has a great offer for you if you remove it from lead so they can offer you a trade, I know local singles in your area who want you as well.

5) If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

True High Rares for other True High Rares are a completely different market. The values of those though can be found all over Rage of Bahamut Forums and they are always fluctuating. Always aim for a fair trade with your peers. If a trade is just shy of what you're looking for, decline and counter offer, most people will take it if they want it.


  1. There are local singles in my area. OH HELL YEAH! You may also want to post that not all same ranked cards are made equal...even if their skills are similar or the same. T'is all about the research!

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  3. Thanks, but I have a questions, you once said that the cards in 2-2 are good feeders to sale for 30k and get Holy Powder for.
    But my question is that, is it still available now? How should I make it so people will buy it? Like, enhance it and evolve it to max? but how?
    DO I have to trade it with some high levels or make a Bazaar deal?

    Sorry that I sound like an annoying noob here, but I am really confused. Thank you very muchfor making the guide.