Sunday, September 2, 2012

Three Million Users!!!

Rage of Bahamut has decided to gift its users during the three million users campaign. This will last from 9/1-9/15. During this time an award is given for each time a player logs in.

Day 1: 10k Rupies
Day 2: One Personal Cure Water
Day 3: One Personal HP
Day 4: One Angel Queen
Day 5: One Legend Card Pack
Day 6: 5k Friendship Points
Day 7: Two Personal Cure Water
Day 8: Two Personal Holy Powder
Day 9: One Archangel Queen
Day 10: One Dark Angel Olivia SR
Day 11+: 1 Angel Queen + 1000 Friendship Points

Dark Angel Olivia:
This card cannot be traded nor gifted. Currently you can't evolve it, but you'll be able to evolve it at a later date. This card will also be given out as a reward in future events, so keep an eye out for it!

This is unfortunate as a free item. It's an SR Demon card that offers a Big Boost to ATK/DEF (all). At the SSR form it gets its skill bumped up to Great Boost but it falls short because of the weakness of the ATK/DEF (all). Unfortunately we won't see any final forms for some time since it will be out in future events, probably for top rankings.

Although many people will say it's a free card, the downside is it won't be useful in most decks, but it isn't justifiable to sell it since it's an SR. Pretty much it's a card that's going to permanently waste space. I would have preferred 10-20 Personal HP.


  1. What can you see the SR card being worth when it is fully tradable? Or will it depend on the final evo stats?

    1. Considering every player will have one, it's still SR, probably about 75HP, ancient elf pricing would be my guess. But I have been surprised in the past by how much people would pay for cards I view as bad.

  2. From what I have read an 8 card FF will have about a 20k attack, assuming full enhancement at each level.

    1. I believe it caps at around 19k if I'm not mistaken. The problem is its buff is ATK/DEF (ALL). Given it's stats and relative abundance SHOULD IT EVER BE ABLE TO BE TRADED it would be a pretty decent card for the price.