Friday, December 14, 2012

Holy War Prizes

There has been a lot of debate lately about the prizes this Holy War and whether or not they are worth the expenditures. I have always noted that Holy Wars are the only events that I truly believe are worth the trouble. Currently, I can no longer say that.

Now, I want to say I still will spend over 200HP by the time this Holy War is over, knowing full well I doubt I will receive adequate payout.

Order Prizes:
Ok, this will be a bit of a rant about some major bullshit. An order can push to achieve #3 ranking, and only their top 10 people will receive a Lord Arthur? Wow, this is the most bullshit thing I've ever heard. In an order that achieves #6, only the top player will receive Lord Arthur. The rest will receive Gawain, a card that is grossly overshadowed by Batraz and Lord Arthur.

From personal experience here, my order will break top 100. We will all receive Tristan, a shit SR, Dark Angel Olivia, a card that is already outpowered by a lot of other cards. And a single H Rare and up. Rough value, under 150HP. The devil queen will probably still be worth quite a bit, making it barely worth it. Now if you drop to 151 rank somehow, it's quite the kick in the nuts.

This game has over a million players. Lets say about 30 active players per order. That means roughly 9000 player could be in the top 300. That means less than 1% of players receive these rewards. If the game has 500,000 active players, 2% receive these rewards. Even if the game only has 100,000 active players less than 10% receive these rewards.

It is just absurd to me because as the number of players gets higher, the number of top ranked prizes should increase, no decrease as it has done this time.

Personal Prizes:
Top three get KA...yeah. .000003 of the player base gets the top reward. Oh wait, that moves all the way up to .00003 if there are only 100,000 players. The absurdity of this astounds me. The worse part, lets say you manage to break into the 20th spot. You get Gawain, DQ, and an SR on UP Pack. How much HP do you think it takes to hit that? Now, at the moment of writing this, two days left, the 20th person has over 1,500,000 points. Lets say he's getting 300 points per attack and can attack five times per HP. The math here is pretty simple, he would have needed to spend roughly 1,000 HP to hit this point, with two days left.

His reward? A Gawain, a DQ, and an SR.

Win Prizes:
Wow, 50 wins nets you two Dark Angel Olivia, and one Demonic Knight HR. That means if an order commits to spending over 50 hours over a four day period to winning matches, they get a single HR and two crap SR that are about as powerful as a High Rare.

I understand that this game probably only has 100,000 active players, each with 10 or more fake accounts powering them. But even if we wanted the top 1% of orders to get the reward, that still means top 30-40 Orders should be receiving Lord Arthur. 

The amount of HP necessary to hit these levels is always increasing, and if the prizes don't increase in value, pretty soon nobody will be participating in events. As it stands a very small percentage of the play base participates in stamina events, there is no reason to take what used to be the event that paid the best and ruining it with crappy rewards.

All they need to do is say they want 1% of the players to have KA, 10% of the players to earn Gawain, 10% of the players to earn tristan, 20% of the players to earn HR, 20% to earn a rare, and blow to get rough prizes.

Assuming those numbers and roughly 3000 orders in the game. The rewards should go, top 30 KA, 31-300 Gawain, 301- 600 Tristan, 601-1200 HR, 1201-1800 Rare, anything under 1800 gain what's left.

That is assuming the game only has 100,000 active players!

Those are my thoughts.  



  1. Yea man im blowing over 100 hp this hw and im in a 1k order. based on were i stand now im gomna be lucky if i get THREE REG CP ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!! The only reason im gonna keep spending hp is because of my order which i am highly devoted to. I would even be happy with a couple hr and up claim tickets. it seems to me that the rewards for quest events are better for the avg player than hws are. This is total bullshit

    1. well, i think you could ask your order members to do more. or u can merge with us :) We are also abt 1k in ranking. we got plenty of actives, just need some ppl who can initiate the first charge and ppl will follow

  2. i completely agree with your post friend. I have myslef stopped spending a penny in this game , i had some faith in this game but the amount of hacking and the chances to get sthing good from the game packs are so slim (hell with those chances i can play lottery and be a millionair..)

    hard truth is that RoB is losing fast and cynga just do not do anything...

  3. In RoB the makers are spending more time with shitty card packs than the actual game trying to make people spend money. The cold hard truth is that they don't give a shit about the players. The prizes for doing well in an event and holy war equal out to about 1/5 of what you would spend to receive those rewards. The creators are still thinking that the value of cards is what they used to be before the bazaar. That's just what I think.

  4. looking for active players for valentine. currently ranked 600 for hw and 1000 and under for all events.including, revenge of the puppet, castle in the sky, manor of illusions, roar of the dragons, tears of the moon just to name the non hw events. search for valentinec to apply after hw

  5. Spent over 257HP and probably will only get the crap Demonic Knight and further crap. What a waste. And yes, our Order did well and was pretty much holding around 170-180; then, dropped to 280's in a matter of 5 hours. If we don't rank lower than 300, it's like getting 20HP for the trouble. Barely at 151-299 are we getting nearly 80HP in return. Sucks major....

  6. Hi Lucarda,

    Have you seen the new changes in skill activation? Any thoughts? They are ruining the game and the effort people put into it.


    1. I actually like this change. While placing five of the same card (i.e. five Apsaras) in a deck is not “cheap” it is kind of uninteresting. It will be fun to figure out how to deal with this. I think it’ll make deck building much more complex.

    2. Just posted on it. Personally I like the change as long as the %s are kept reasonable.

  7. Well our order finished top 100... I tried to tell them the entire time that if they are spending 1000 HP to get there they are idiots. We are parting ways and I am forming a new order which will focus on Holy Wars value. You can easily achieve 50 wins without trying and then burn HP final day to reach a payout that is greater than the HP you put in. They already have ruined this game, but if you adjust to their nonsense you actually can improve your deck.

    1. What's the order you are creating? I was a 3K ranked HW player this event (stopped spending Hp when I did the math) in an order that hit about 500 -- overall I like them, but I am looking for an order leader (and an order that follows them) with brains to adjust because it takes some math and management to hit the right payout to make value in these events.

  8. Yeah...we gave up after day 2 after hitting 12-13 wins and doing the math when we were ranked in the 700s. Didn't see getting to 600 (and certainly not 150 or higher). 4 of the guys were fairly dissappointed since they were building to this (but just didn't see the point). Guys probably spent 30-75 HP and will break evenish, but just a dissappointing experience overall.

    One of the guys in the order is an alt who's main account is in a top 100 order. Guys that high, play the game at an entirely different level of commitment.

    If anyone is looking to join let me know. The def and attack leaders are over 100K and just looking for more active players. (No HP spending requirements, etc. they just want some guys that will participate). We also have the buildings to 7/6/6% already.

  9. I figured this out like the first hour. I tried to stop my order. I failed. I spent enough to get 5K points and entirely quit the event. I whacked a few def leaders with my regular points but didn't use any HP beyond that. I think we ended up around 30 wins, but I honestly didn't even care enough to check. I was not impressed.

    I was impressed by the number of wicked awesome def decks I saw. 5 Asparas Everywhere. I saw a 3 Qilin 2 Aspara Deck. Imagine that. Forget about it. As a whole I think I probably net profit from this, but the event as a whole was a joke for profitability. WTF would I care about winning HW considering the rewards. Think about this. If you have 1000HP and you hit for 400 Honor Points per out of HW attack, why would you just got take the number one spot on the daily rankings for the duration of the event and get the rank reward. It's worth more.

    On a side note I got requested to apparently a real deal stam order with my 600sta alt. I think that's an easier way to get good rewards anyways.

    PS buy CW now for 2/1 and sell them back last day of cw event for 1/1. 50% of the time it works every time.

    1. "50% of the time, it works every time" I love it.

      I agree for the most part. It's no wonder the Japanese version has CW as the main resource over HP if the Holy Wars turned to this.

      People play trading card games to play against other players. The event that pits players against one another, should be the one that pays the best. Not the single person quest event grind where your team mates don't matter.

      It really is a shame that don't see this.

  10. New Emergency Maintenance outage this morning.

    "Mobage directions unclear, dick stuck in server again." ~ Overheard from outside the Cygames headquarters server room.

    1. The server was asking for it, dressing like that all the time.