Friday, December 21, 2012

Shameless plugs

Plug #1

Just created a facebook account under Lucarda Nuoct. Honestly, I haven't used facebook since..I think the last time I was actively on it was 2006, but I am told that I should have one again. Currently I have zero friends though since it is completely new.

Feel free to add me, chances are I will become addicted to some facebook game and start writing guides on those as well. I heard the marvel one is pretty addicting.

I will warn you, although I'll probably use it to update when I finish stuff, chances are I will post stuff I at least find fun, even if it is inappropriate. So if you're sensitive, I'm probably not the friend for you.

Plug #2

I've been working on a site to write more broadly about video games. Let me know what you think. What you think it needs, if it's dumb, good, etc. Any advice/criticism is helpful. Game blogging is competitive as hell and I want to build something cool. Keep in mind, I didn't write every article (a vast majority though). Some of them were written by friends who may submit when they can but are good writers and gamers. Primarily, the idea for the article on the 10 hottest male video game characters was not mine, I merely voted in it and established the only two final fantasy character rule because it was getting out of hand.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think.


  1. At least the plugs were relevant. I don't have a Facebook acc, but assuming the average facebook user, getting notifications of your blog posts are handy, and having those guides on the Facebook games are nice. Knowing which games to avoid are nice as well. For the blog about video games, I really can't critique it because I just don't do general game blogs. I sometimes browse blogs about specific games that I play, like this one. Regarding posts like 'Top ten hottest male characters', I just don't like them, I can't explain it.

  2. Haha, no hurt feelings here. Some people like fun top lists, other people find them pointless.

    I tend to do game blogs that are focused on a specific games because they are easier for me to organize, but I wanted to give making something bigger a shot.

  3. Nice will check them out Lucarda.

    Anyway I've just sold most of my old deck and I'm currently running a interesting mix realm setup which I would like to share, how you guys can comment on what you think and what could be improve/replace.


  4. Ooh.

    Hm. Hm. Hm. My only real critique would be on the second Sutekh. I've never liked it very much as a card, but that's my own bias.

    My only suggestion would be to use the cards in the following order, Jabber, Jabber, Sutekh, Sutekh, Thor. The reason is Jabber's buff is stronger so using him higher on the totem would be best, even with the changes.

    1. Thanks Lucarda, Hetake was way beyond my budget so Jabber was a God send, to a small extend it might be even better than Hetake as Jabber allow you to mess with cheaper God cards.

      As to how things might change, it all depends on the skill change on the 26th. If shit happens I will probably swap sutekh for a Cait or Sephiroth depending on my budget.

      The card position is in that order as I had my skill 8 sutekhs way early when I was running DNP,SUT,NM,SUT,DNP(thanks for the tip about DNP being out classed, sold them asap)

      Skilling ssr are a pain,2 sutekh at skill 8,Jabbers at sk4 and sk8 and sk1 thor.

      Interested in what you are running atm and what new mix realm decks that you might suggest.

    2. Oh, I got my order naming wrong, the one I listed above is how the deck is displayed left to right not top to bottom. So according to your order my deck is JAB,SUT,SUT,JAB,THOR.

      Thanks again as always! Happy Holidays!