Friday, December 14, 2012

Marvel War of Heroes Update

Just figured since I have time tonight I would do an update on Marvel War of Heroes. Outside of the fact that trading kind of sucks, the rewards are a hell of a lot better. This is partly because they had control on the Power Packs (Hp equivalent) at the start of the game, unlike Rage of Bahamut. We can assume they learned from previous mistakes and all PP are bound to new accounts.

This of course means that players need to have some luck or buy PP from people who pay to play the game. It also means that for the current event I am in line for two SSR (equal to SR in Rage) without spending a dime. Maybe the fact that the rewards in Marvel War of Heroes are so good is why I'm so sour about the rewards in RoB. I am able to stay competitive because nobody has a HUGE amount of PP and being smart about attaining cards and PP goes a long way.

Overall, I can say I'm pretty pleased with the game. Everything isn't out of control like in rage where players spend a thousand HP in order to get one of the poorer S Rares.

The game is actually releasing cards regularly which is pretty nice and a lot of cards won during a previous event are boosters for a following event which helps players rise in ranks. What they did last time that was really cool was the mid tiered rewards were booster cards. This meant players who who did okay in a previous event got a head start for their good ranking.

If you haven't looked at it yet, it definitely deserves a look, and if you have seen it before, it's worth checking back into.

If you do try Marvel War of Heroes, make sure to use my referral code

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  2. Yeah...I really like this game. It's nice that they actually build in rewards into the game to help you along during the event and that the silver actually has some value since enhancing (and even skilling after you reach maxed FF) is so expensive.

    That being said its still a new game so I'm sure they'll screw something up at some point and it would be nice if trading/bazaar was in place

    1. Trading is absurdly hard. I wish it was a free trade environment but oh well, I'm making due.

      I'm sure they'll mess it up as well :)

  3. look up aaronrodgers on "line" I have a trade room with over 100 people........that all listen to me LoL I'm sure you have a link in there somewhere....about 500 trades through it, and not once has anyone gotten ripped off and almost every single trade has went through middle men.

    We do usually only deal with ssr and ur, but if you need sr or ssr, I have every single one x2