Thursday, December 20, 2012


Sometimes aspects of this game really confuse me. Maybe it's because of the way I process thoughts.

1) Announcement is made that same card proc's won't be as beneficial as before.

2) Several cards released that have high base stats and buffs to two realms instead of one.

3) Cards released sell for 8HP each.

Pretty much the exact order in which this happened. Take the Demonic Knight for example. I understand quite a few of them are on the market, but this card brings roughly 10% of a buff to the table at 17111 attack. Mad Hatter I believe hits about the same attack with the same buff.

Lets look at this from a full deck standpoint:

NM, Demonic Knight, Mad Hatter, Trow, Trow


13% buff + 10% buff + 10% buff. All with no reduction of proc love because all cards are different.


NM, Dragonewt, Dragonewt, Trow, Trow


13% buff + 8% buff + 8% buff. With a slight reduction to the second Dragonewt proc potential.

Final Scores: 

87k + 11.3k + 8.7k + 8.7k = 115.7k on the first deck.

89k + 11.5k + 7.1k + 7.1K = 114.7k on the second deck.

In a two card proc situation the Dragonewt deck is 500 damage more. But lets also remember that deck one gets the additional chances to proc from using different cards.

This isn't exclusive to those cards (I actually appreciate the reduction in price so I can buy them cheaply). It also has to do with the other cards that offer high stats and two realm procs.

This is kind of just a rant on how sometimes I don't why certain things happen in the game. The only way I can explain the Demonic Knight/Hatter situation is the market was flooded with Dknights, then Hatter was released and although there were few of them, it's in direct competition with Dknights and nobody will buy it unless its the same price. But that doesn't explain the prices on some of the other cards on the market.

It just goes to show you how unstable things are in the game at the moment.

Just a quick rant.

Oh yeah....and I was right about the event being a raid event. Ha!


  1. Nice call on the raid. Although I was hoping for it to be a full questing event since I hoarded about 600cw lol.

    Anyway im annoyed at how they made an eveny card an ssr. I sold my ff hamelin to get capital for this event to buy the sr event card early and resell for some good profit. Instead I just bought the hr event card and double my investment there. But I still have a load of hp saved(800+). I wanted to hear what you have you say about buying devil queens, then holding on to them until skill change gets released. I mean either way they would stay the same price or either increase due to the need of skilling your cards to sk10 for the increased % of proc. What do you think?

  2. Hey lucarda got another question for you wat cards have came out that caused the prices of aspara and sword valk to drop so suddenly. i kno u dont keep track of god cards but i could use ur opinion.

    1. For Sword Valks, it was Pan. For Apsaras, I think it's a combination of Xwanu, Marsya, and the the new skill proc rules. Typically, Apsaras stacked 5 deep on DEF. That's no longer perceived as a smart strategy.

  3. Haha yeah man you were right! I was really hoping for another hp event( no sarcasm). I've somehow made over 150 hp in a few days. I bought 15 Demonic knights at 7 hp each and began building them into 4-7's. With that I made 60 hp on the first and only finished product. This morning I opened 12 card packs. I pulled 11 rares 2 of which were tea party cards. I also got an apsara which sold for 15hp woop-dee

  4. -doo. I then opened my line app to see that a majority of members pulled jabberwocky, dark Alice, Alice, etc.. I bought an order members jabberwocky for 140hp and sold it for 160 after seeing mad hatters similarity to Demonic Knight. Sadly I sold it prematurely because he hit 195 3 hours later.

  5. Oh for the drop of S Valk and apsara. It's really simple. People stacking 5 or even 3 of each are panic selling them because of the new skill system . Now that FF cards are selling at 60-80 hp the bases drop to reflect that drop.

  6. Ahhh that makes since well let me ask u this i have 3 4-7 ifrits skilled at 6 6 and 5. Should i sell all three and buy one ifrit skill 10 and start making two new middle wings with the left over hp. and wat new middle wings should i go for a pan and wat else

    1. Well since everyone is freaking out right now it really isnt the time to sell it is the time to buy but I was running a similar deck, so this is what I did, bought a Trow Elf and put it as my lead card (I am building mine because I have a feeder account but you can get a FF SK10 for 75hp, which is NUTS) Then I would add a Pan to replace the other Infrit, leaving you with Trow Elf, Infrit and Pan.

    2. In that set up, it's best not to have Ifrit at all.

    3. My honest advice is bank the ifrit's (put them in the 5 free storage slots you get) and sit on them until the bazaar fire sale ends. Once the dust settles, Ifrit, Aspara etc will regain some value.

      They will not be back up to where they were, but I have a feeling they will normalize once the skill proc changes actually occur.

      I think this for three reasons:

      1. I think after testing some players will still choose to run a 3 Aspara DEF or 3 Ifrit OFF because everyone is preparing for worst case scenario... but I think we'll find the penalties are of a lower percent than players are fearing.

      2. There is a mass influx on the bazaar right now because so many players are selling off their duplicates. Supply and demand law holds true... prices plummet... they will get bought up and as fewer are for sale price will rise again.

      3. This game is still attracting a ton of new players... and eventually those new players will level up to the point where they are jumping from rare to HR in their decks and they'll be looking to buy their first Ifrit/Aspara etc and the demand will replenish.

      I don't think prices will get out of control high again... overall I think things will normalize and we'll find a nice balance where being competitive doesn't cost a fortune, but the cards still hold and keep some value.

      Let's remember that balance is what everyone wants. (New players, old player and mobage - it's the most beneficial across the board)

      So in summary, hold your Ifrits (don't sell now) but take advantage of the low prices to buy the cards you are going to replace the ifrits with... PAN, White Rabbit, Lily etc.

    4. I agree on don't sell. I don't believe there will ever be a reason for them to drop lower than what they are now price wise. This is a result of a fire sale. HW just ended and changes are announced, and this is the third HP event in a row encouraging people to liquidate.

    5. The drop on some cards I understand, but Aspara makes no sense. She is still by far the best HR on the gods side. To go from 30 HP to 12-15 is so nutty. I don't get that at all.

  7. One more question the boost to all and boost to two realms are the same amount right

    1. Two realm boosts seem to be about 10%, from my tests.

    2. 10% is definitely correct. Just refer to the latest skill boosting charts.

    3. I forgot to clarify that I was referring to big boosts to two realms, on high rares... in case anyone asks. :)

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  9. Couldnt agree more... and I should thank you Luc, seeing the game through your eyes after reading this blog for weeks made me realize the same. I bought up Pan's at 4-6 HP a piece when they first came out... I made 3 6-2's to sell and a 6-10 to use... I made a fortune. Doing the same with Demonic Knight, Mad Hatter, Marsyas and White Rabbit... people just don't have the foresight to see where the game is going or how beneficial FF's will be.

    That said, we've all been so negative on Mobage lately (deservedly too, HW prizes were terrible, bazaar changes have been killing us) but I have to praise them for a few things recently:

    1. Promoting diversity in decks both with the skill proc changes and with dual boost cards is only going to make the game better. More diversity... wider range of usable cards, more viable deck options... this is GREAT.

    2. Giving out large quantities of bazaar tickets with promotion CP deals is awesome! I bought a 2700 mystery box the other day, not only because I like the new cards (and pulled a JABA!) or because of the 20HP, but because it also gave 30 tickets... which is great. Not only can you stockpile some bazaar tix now, but it means prices get pushed down because for the players sinking alot of money into the game (i'm more of an occasional spender) they have the tickets to sell off mass quantities of what they're pulling.

    3. I am loving the Alice in Wonderland theme to this card set and hope they continue to do themes.

    Overall some positive changes in a game there hasn't been much to be excited about in recent months.

  10. Thanks for your input guys ima keep the ifrits and.see what happends. what about defense at the moment right now im working on a aspara xuwanu and a nintails. i already have an illmatar done i dont want to do a cybele cuz the stats sucks. any other cards yall would recommend?

  11. noob question the 17k at on the d.knight was evo was that