Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dark Knight Luciella

About Dark Knight Luciella

Dark Knight Luciella

Alright, so the Dark Knight Luciella referral card was just released and people are going way more overboard than I've expected.

Normally referral cards have had reduced value. This cards bonus plus being demon alignment has made it three to five times more valuable than any of the previous referral cards.

I would recommend while things tone down you wait on purchasing or trading for this card. I know you may have the urge to purchase Dark Knight Luciella but lets remember she's a referral card. She should have a worth of about 3-4HP.

I will note that the artwork on these cards is stunning compared to the previous cards that have released.

Hilde was sad in comparison to the final form of Luciella.

 As for stats she finishes with about 13k offense and 10k defense if she's done in a 6max form. This puts her at quite an improvement over most of the rares. Her bonus if a Great Hit to foes Att/Def so she could be used on either offense or defense.

(Fallen Paladin) Dark Knight Luciella


  1. So how much do you think a max of her will go for in HP?

    1. 4Max I've seen go for 30-40HP

      6Max I've seen go for 50ish.

  2. I actually got 2 when she first came out. I paid about 30HP for the both of them. One has 13299 Atk & 10534 Def. The second has 11925 Atk & 9502 Def. Both have a skill level of 2. I could make that back by selling one now.