Friday, June 15, 2012

Defense Decks

In Rage of Bahamut your defense deck is a long term money maker/saver. In my Rage of Bahamut Guide I cover several things as a generality for beginners. In this portion I will be focused on Defense Decks and the importance of them.

To begin, the core of your defense deck is determined by your defense points. Every card has a cost attributed to it. Your defense decks total cost can not exceed your number of attack points. An example of this would be if you had 100 defense points. You would not be able to have five 22pt cards in that deck since the total cost would be 110. You could have three 22 point cards for a total of 66 then two 17pt cards for a total of 34 to equal a perfect 100.

In your defense deck you should have your cards with the defense power that you can achieve. If you use the recommended deck option, the game will automatically figure this for you.

Another part that plays into your defense deck are the skills that your cards bring to the table. Cards will have a variety of skills. The skills will focus on either boosting your cards or applying a debuff to the opponents cards. The buffs you want to look for in your defense deck are Increase to DEF, Increase to ATK/DEF, Decrease to enemy ATK, Decrease to enemy ATK/DEF. Your cards skills won't always trigger, so many attack decks are stacked with five cards with skills to ensure the maximum chance of them triggering. Also, there are skills that focus on cards of a specific alignment, be aware that you want to attempt to stack your alignment to get maximum benefits from these cards.

Defending plays the role in Holy Wars of preventing enemies from gathering points. It also plays the role of protecting your rupies and treasure while gathering rupies. If a player attacks you to steal your treasure and his attack deck fails against your defense deck, you gain up to 10000 rupies.
Defense points are not calculated the same way attack points are. When you are attacked during a holy war you lose only 10 of your defense points rather than the entire amount of the deck. Because of this it may be very difficult to take down a defense leader unless you can arrange several successive attacks within your order. To put it into perspective, if you have 300 defense points and your deck costs 110. Somebody would have to attack you 20 times before you would not be able to use your deck. This would require a lot of organization or the use of large amounts of holy powder by the enemy. This is assuming your defense deck always wins, of course if it's attacked by a more powerful offense deck, you immediately lose.

As you are leveling and not creating your final cards remember that leveling five cards to level 10 in your deck through enhancement is better than leveling one card to max. The fastest levels to attain on a card are the first 10-15, so get five decent cards there then you can focus on increasing them.


  1. Hello, Lucarda, first a BIG huge Mega thanks for all of yours excellent informations.

    So, actually, I'm lost in that Def tutorial..
    Badly, I don't understand some of them things written inside.
    It seems you talk about DEF PWR using the term "ATTACK deck".. What the mean?

    Can you make a Great DEF tutorial?
    One per realm.

    Example: One for Man, One for God and One for Demon.

    A lot of thing must be revised in your tutorial I think.

    Anyway, again, thanks for all of excellent tips (in other tutorials)!

    1. Ah, I wrote both the attack/defense deck posts the same day if I recall and I copy/pasted to make sure the format matched. I didn't notice the type.

      If you look at my posts on Best R/HR Man/God/Demon decks or my SR Man/God/Demon decks you will find the best Defense decks under their heading.

      This post was originally written to help people understand how defense points work and decide whether or not they wanted to go that route.

  2. Guys need a bit of help. my defence is base of 78.8 but I still lose quite a few battles. (About 4 of every 10) and I was wondering if anyone could make a reasnoble suggestion within 150-300hp.
    my deck
    Birdman garuda-ff
    ancient elf-ff
    Dancing princess-ff (moving up to shield angel once done enhanching).

    1. I assume you're man realm.

      Ancient Elf goes, Ilmatar goes. Paladins are picked up. Birdman garuda, not sure of his stats but I bet he goes. Dancing Princess gets swapped for Captain.

  3. Is the battle points gain are based on what card the opponent has? I had attacked the 1st ranking player once and surprisingly won. However, I got only 50 points because he only place a viking in his def deck.

    1. He only had a viking because players had been spam attacking him down to his last 10 defense points.

      The amount of points is lowered based on the defense points the player has. Its there to prevent exploits.

      Had that been a low level player with 1 viking you probably would have gotten 1pt.

    2. Owh. So, it does not matter what deck you use in defense?

      There was one time during Holy War when we fought an order where everyone placed only one card in their defense. As a result, we did not get a lot of points from attacking them.

      I do not know whether this is true or not. Hope you can explain. Thanks a lot.

    3. That is not true. You didn't get points because none of them were attacking and you had farmed them out. Chances are you got into the battle late and your order members had farmed their points. They only had once card on their defense because your team had lowered their defense that low.

  4. I'm going to start considering building better decks at my level: any suggestions? Stats: 63.5K attack/53.5K Def. Demon realm. For now, I'm sharing my attk/def deck as one(Until I get more HP's). Cards:
    lFallen Paladinl Dark Knight Luciella (Full evo)
    Magic Librarian (Full Form, Full Evo)
    Phantom Theif Lupin (Final form, full evo)
    Witch commander (Final form, full evo)
    Longinus (First form, full evo)

    1. Liquidate your Longi for HP. Keep the WC. Liquidate Phantom Thief. Liquidate Magic Librarian. Keep the Lucy.

      If I'm not mistaken this will generate 200HP

      Your deck at that point will look like Blank, Blank, Blank, DK Lucy, WC. From here you have 3 blank spots to fill and I see two very viable options with 200HP.

      Option 1: 3 4max inugami. I've seen them as low as 65HP bringing us right at the threshhold. Buff both attack and defense for 24%. 68 atk and 62k defense. Not bad overall.

      Option 2: 3 16k Archdaemon or Minos. I've seen them as low as 60HP each. 77k base attack with nice buffs. About 60k base defense but no defense buffs.

      Personally I prefer option two but I'm extremely bias toward offense.

  5. lucarda,

    i have a question:

    1) if there is paladin, mimi, lance and 2 captains in a defense deck, how comes paladin fires his skill first, when mimi clearly shuld be the leader and fire the foremost? this is what i experienced in a recent fight with a high ranker.

    2) is mimi worth the cost and time? or u would recommend better alternatives?

    my atk deck: 2 zerkers, 1 claymore, 1 griffon, 1 mimi.

    thanks for your inputs.

    1. Paladin is set as the first card in your lineup causing him to go off first. Remove all cards from your defense deck and place them in the order you want their skill to go off, this will solve your problem. By the way I think you want Lance Firing first followed by Mimi, followed by paladin if I'm not mistaken. I'm going off memory though.

      I find mimi to be a perfectly acceptable card. She is not one I would particularly aim for given your current deck power vs what you will achieve if you sell her and use the HP to buy different cards.

      I'm a huge fan of 3 Claymore 2 M. Alchemists attack decks for example.

  6. yup makes sense, from a number crunching perspective, mimi is far superior compared to claymore powered decks. however due to ease of skill up claymore decks will outshine mimi led decks in the short term, however in the long term mimi is what will come out winning, plus i justied that the cost of mimi is two edeged she gives higher than lance defense and at par atk as some of best sr evolved ssr man cards. and plus you will only have to work on skilling one card for two things as opposed to working on two totally different sr/ssr cards.

    i am thinking of M.Alch-Mimi-Clay-Griff-Yuki for Atk
    and Def Witch-Lance-Mimi-Paladin-Captain

    Coming to the cost factor of Mimi - 600 for 4 lance and 250/350 for a decent CM or Griff puts Mimi's cost very close. Plus only skilling effort of one card. Do you still feel Mimi is expensive? or u think its good to keep her and not sell her?

    1. I was not aware Mimi was down to 250 for the card. Given her current price points I find her a great substitute. Overall Deck Price of Five of her would be 5000. Five Lance and 5 Claymore would be right around the same.

      The attack damage and buff would be superior and the defense damage would be superior with an equal buff and you'd only have to level five cards instead of ten.

      I was under the assumption that mimi was still going for around 350-400.

  7. Srry but you forgot something. if I'm not mistaken you are counting clay maid and lance ff prices so in the end buying them results in the no enhancing quick solution.

    1. I always take into account FF prices because technically the time/rupies/HP to make them FF counts for something as well.

      In WoW. I had order members selling a final product saying they made 5k, but I informed them the mats cost 5.5k. They say the mats were free because they farmed them. I facepalm and tell them they are out 500g because the mats could have been sold for more. Many didn't comprehend this.

      It's the same here. Time/Rupies/HP count for something.