Saturday, September 15, 2012

Have Some Spare Free Time?

So, I made a rare purchase the other day, I bought an ebook. Let me tell you what spurned this.

I was out with a friend for dinner and we got to talking about Rage of Bahamut which then ended up shifting over to talk about my blog. My blog gets about 4000+ visitors a day on average. If I post something people are really interested in it creeps up above that. To this my buddy asked me how much I make running my blog. Want to take a guess? Virtually nothing. And I don't really mind.

The reason I started this blog is actually because I got my account previously suspended from GameFaqs after a series of incidents ending in me saying some pretty foul things to the admins. Long story short, I had a guide that was #1 Google result for Rage of Bahamut searches and my referral code was in it, they didn't like that so they removed my code but kept my guide. I made them remove it and a series of exchanges occurred (I'm still pretty annoyed about it).

When I started getting a thousand visitors a day I decided to let Google put up some adsense ads. I make a couple bucks each month on people clicking those. I assume on accident because they virtually never have anything to do with what I write about which I find frustrating.

Well anyway, about what I bought. The really bad. Don't make fun of me too badly for it either, it's The Work from No Home ebook. First things first, the reason for the title is because the guy who wrote it is a known internet marketer who was going on vacation in the US. Before his trip he decided to do an experiment using one website and clickbank. He wanted to see how much money he could make over his thirty day trip. He made 12k. Hence he was not working from home, but working from no home.

I want you to know I do NOT expect to make 12k. In fact this is the first educational ebook or internet good I have EVER purchased (not counting videogame goods as internet goods...the number of skins on League of Legends...). So, don't make fun of me about it but I figured I really enjoy writing, blogging, and helping people out so why the hell not?

I think it's going to take me about 7-10 hours to finish the book my first run through but I'm going forward with it full force. Why this ebook? The guy was an addicted World of Warcraft gamer, the book was inexpensive, and I can't argue with money back guarantees. So far I find it really interesting and am learning a lot.

The reason I'm adding it to a post on my blog despite it being a game blog? I think a lot of the people who read my blog are avid gamers with a little extra free time and this could be a fun way for them to learn and apply themselves. Even if I fail completely at it I'm only out $37 but will pretty much get a full college marketing course worth of experience. The second reason is if more people are doing this with me and I'm not doing well but they are they can share some of what they're doing and I can share some of what I'm doing. Increases my shot of doing well.

I like the fact people find my blog helpful and read it and in the future will probably start a lot of other blogs and I hope people will enjoy reading them as well.

If you want to give it a shot please use The Work from No Home link I provide. If it interests you think of it like using my referral code. If you're not interested don't worry, I'll be back to writing my normal Rage of Bahamut posts soon.

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  1. Hmmm, now you got me interested in this. Did the things you learn useful and deem plausible? and have you actually made any amount of money yet?

  2. Haha, no not yet. I just got it two days ago and am reading it since I got it before the weekend and my wife and I spend time together on the weekend. I'll probably be going full force starting tomorrow.

    I really never expected to hit top page on google and end up with 4k views a day which spurned this whole interest in internet marketing.

    So, I've been looking at a lot of marketing sites and read TONS of stuff. Honestly I've probably put about 10+ hours into reading various sites to see if I can make a go of this. The issue is none of the information gives me what I wanted, a clear guide to do it once.

    If I can do it once I can repeat it and improve upon it. The reason I like the set up in Work from no home is because it's really simple and I have zero webdesign experience. (That's why my blog is almost all text and very few pictures)

    In the end, it looks like it will be a lot of hard work to create initially and I'm thinking of purchasing their add on (it's a 30 day planner, yeah maybe I'm a sucker but there's a 60day money back guarantee on everything and I said at the worst I end up in a college course worth of experience).

    The cost to the user seems to be this:
    Book: 37
    Webhosting plan: Free if you use blogger/wordpress or like $10 a month.
    Domain Names: Free if you use blogger/wordpress or like $5 per domain.

    Personally, I'm viewing it a lot like weight loss. If I can't stick to it for 30 days, it's my fault, not the systems. But once you have sites set up, lets say you make 1 sale a month. You'll probably always make that 1 sale a month.

    That's what really intrigues me.

    If you are interested in Internet market but aren't really willing to plunge in or don't have the time. I recommend John I also tried going through Smart Passive but the guy uses all videos and I can read and comprehend 10000x faster in text.

    I think the key for me is just doing instead of reading about it. Hell if I can spend $50 on Ninja Gaiden 2 (Still in its wrapper in my game stack) I can justify buying something that will teach me.

    1. By the way, I use the word book loosely.

      They use the word PROGRAM for it but I try to avoid that to make sure people don't think it's literally a program they start up and run on their computer.

      Apparently one guy on thought it was a program and got really upset about it being a scam because he would have to read and do work.

  3. Hey, this author from my country! I wish can earn money like his way too, should study business instead of technical stuff..

    1. Haha. Patrick! Nice to meet you. I really enjoy that I have readers from so far across the world. I know it's a silly thing to be happy about but thank you for reading my blog!

      Don't underestimate the technical stuff. Honestly the technical stuff is where I started. I worked in commission sales and I trained commissioned sales people.

      All avenues are different and the reason I posted this on a gaming blog is why I said. I think that a lot of gamers are like me, they have some extra time and they want to apply themselves to something that makes money (hell most of us find ways to make in game gold that no normal person would think of) and I think there is opportunity here.

      If I fail, I can get my money back and if I succeed, well, so long normal work. That would save me a fortune on day care.

    2. You are welcome. I enjoyed your articles, learned a lot from your blog and avoided some pit traps in ROB, a BIG thanks! I worked in chemical plant actually, stressful, and game is my entertainment to relax. Well ya you are right, instead of burning our passion to earn gold in game, why not try our passion on read gold? I have ex course mate also doing part time online sales, agreed there is opportunity.
      I also enjoy readings as part of my relax way, and subscribed this Peng Joon stuff (since he says no question asked on refund), trying to understand different ways of living. But this probably not my cup of tea and will consider refund after finished reading :) Hope you success within 60 days :)

  4. Well, I wanted to write an update on how I'm doing with this.

    So far learning his system I have earned roughly $220 while putting in roughly 15-20 hours of work (after reading everything). So the system is legitimate.

    A lot of what I need to do to backlink and build traffic is new to me so it was taking some time for me to wrap my head around. I could see where this could really start ramping up the more you know about it. I also don't buy any of the add ons so that probably slows me down vs somebody who does.

  5. Hey Lucarda, haven't posted in a while due to personal life issues but now things have settled I came back on to RoB so came on here straight away. But this post really caught my eye. I'd be really interested in trying something like this if you think it's worth while as I have always trusted your opinion. So if you could update in a week or so with how it's going I'll give it a go. Also thank you for all the posts. James

    1. Long story short, I like the product. I kept mine and still go back to reference for a lot of information as I develop other sites. It has a 60 day money back guarantee if you dislike it.

      Peng Joons big money release where he made 12k was with Diablo 3s launch I believe. He makes 12k because he outsources a lot of the work, and he teaches you what to use and how to do that.

      I don't want to outsource work so although I still use a ton of stuff I learned, I don't follow his lessons completely :) Before I bought the system I was making 10-20 a month on sites. The month that I followed his system I made over three hundred dollars with about 20 hours of work.

      Since diverging from the plan, I've made about $100 a month from websites. So obviously there is a difference.

      I guess my main question would be are you looking to just make money by doing stuff in downtime, or are you looking to create sites and write about things you love? If it's number 1 his system works. If it's number 2, it still helps A LOT, but his mid game plans are based around outsourcing and creating additional sites, not about creating one GREAT quality site.