Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Bazaar how Bazaar

We will be releasing a new Trade System soon, with new features!
Below is an explanation of the changes in Trades and Gifting, with a new Bazaar feature.
Trades, Gifting
  • You can only Trade or Gift to Fellows that you have added or Order members that joined your Order at least 2 weeks previously.
  • Accounts that have not completed Terminal Registration will not be able to Trade or Gift, and will not be able to receive Trades or Gifts.
  • The maximum number of Rupies that can be gifted at any one time has been changed to 10,000 Rupies.
  • Only Normal to Rare Cards can be gifted. (There are no restrictions to the rarity of cards for Trades.)
Bazaar (New Feature)
  • You can exchange your desired cards or items in the Bazaar.
  • You will need a Bazaar Ticket to use the Bazaar Feature. (When you send out the card/ item or when you receive them, the Bazaar Ticket will be used up.)
  • The maximum number of Bazaar Tickets you can hold at any one time is 5 tickets.
  • Up to 5 Bazaar Tickets will be given each day together with the Login Bonus. (If you hold less than 5 tickets at that time)
  • You can use Bazaar Tickets every day to display your cards or items ‘for sale.’
  • * Unregistered devices will not be given Bazaar Tickets during the Login Bonus.
  • * The number of Bazaar Tickets required for cards depends on the rarity of the cards. Even if a transaction is cancelled, the ticket(s) will be considered used. 
Below shows the number of Bazaar Tickets required for the different rarity of cards.
  • Normal Card - 1 Ticket
  • High Normal Card - 1 Ticket
  • Rare Card - 1 Ticket
  • High Rare Card -2 Tickets
  • S Rare Card -5 Tickets
  • SS Rare Card - 5 Tickets
  • Legend Card - 5 Tickets
  • Cards, Items and Rupies can be listed in the Bazaar.
  • Cards listed in the Bazaar cannot be listed as your Leader Card, Safeguarded, sold for Rupies by tapping ‘Sell,’ Traded nor Gifted.
  • When a transaction is completed, the card will be transferred.
  • User IDs will not be displayed for deals in the Bazaar Search area.
  • * However, once a transaction is completed, it is possible to view the ID of the seller.
  • All successful card transactions will be displayed in the Bazaar History.
  • * The completion date and contents of the transaction will be displayed.
  • When requesting items, the number of items that can be requested will depend on the rarity of the cards.
More information will be available in the Guidance under [About Bazaar] after the Bazaar Feature is released.
  • Bazaar Features might be modified, changed or stopped without prior notice.
  • We seek your understanding and support regarding this.
* Trades, Gifts, Selling cards (by tapping ‘Sell’ on a card’s information screen) and finally, the new Bazaar, are 4 separate features in the game.
Thank you for playing Rage of Bahamut!
Rage of Bahamut Management Office

Alright, so I have a number of issues with this new system. First one is that they are managing to kill their own game. I am not against the appearance of an auction system that works side by side with a trading system but this system essentially eliminates trading for players. This whole thing is so foul I struggle where to begin but here it goes.

I'll begin with points I'm fine with and understand.
1) Accounts that have not completed terminal registration cannot trade or gift.
2) Maximum number of rupies that can be gifted is 10k. (I don't even know where this one came from by the way. People hide rupies through trading, not gifting)
3) The existence of a Bazaar/Auction house.
4)  Bazaar Tickets: I get it. They don't want people just listing 100s of normals bogging down the system.

Now for the what the hell were they thinking list. I'll try to do this in the order they are listed in the update.

1) Only able to trade with order members or friends. Whatever, this would be fine if it weren't for the next portion. Two week minimum on your friends list or as a member of your order. This means that if I find somebody on the forums who wants to purchase my Elaine at 15HP, either that player has to wait two weeks, or he just can't purchase from me. NO PLAYER WILL WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR A CARD.

2) Only Rare or lower cards can be gifted. I don't get it. I can work around and just do a one rupie trade to give somebody a High Rare. I just don't understand why I should have to.

3) Bazaar Tickets. That's right, this little fella makes it onto both lists. Five? What the hell damn guy!? Not only five, but it costs different amounts of tickets based on the rarity of the card? Why? Why not just give a giant middle finger to high level players. The least you could have done is buy us some dinner before you fucked us. Each player ten tickets a day, ten listings a day. There should be no limit on the number of SR/SSR/Legend allowed to be listed. But really, I wonder how long before they start charging for Bazaar tickets, I think everybody sees that as the long term goal of the game.

4) User IDs will not be displayed for deals in the bazaar search area. Oh, screw you guys. So if I actually find a buyer on the forums for my cards I can't list them at auction and have him send me the deal because he can't search for me?

5) The number of items requested will depend on the rarity? So now you're going to regulate what I can sell my cards for as well? Yeah, fuck you guys.

I don't expect all players to agree with me on this, but in my mind they effectively ruin their game if they go through with this. Posting and searching postings for trades was one of my favorite things to do, and effectively how I got the cards I have.


  1. I agree 100% with all your comments. There will be work arounds for this system, but we shouldn't have to struggle just to play this game.

  2. Oh another tip change your review on the app store/google play to one star their game. If you have not reviewed the game now is the time!

    1. Oh, mine's been 1 star since the double HW and Trade Ban.

  3. What needs to be done is a PIN number for trades. Simple as that. With a PIN number hacker's couldn't make trades to take cards if they did get into someone's account, and trading could remain the same-it was great as it was. In my opinion this Bazaar feature is simply Mobage's attempt to distract from the issue by making it up to us with a new feature..which happens to barely effect hackers and ruins honest players who know how to merch cards effectively.

    1. All a player would have to do after hacking an account would be list the players best couple cards, then go over to another account and offer 10 Rupies for all auctions (because there's no limit on bids), move back to original account and hit accept. Then if the hacker has a system of orders/fellows he can move around the cards as needed and claim he knows nothing from the final account with the card.

      Pin number would solve it.

  4. One/Two months from now I can see them charging for the Auction Tickets.

  5. Anyone know how Legend of Cryptids holds up to this?

    1. I know several people who highly recommend it although it's Iphone only. If you join it use: MizMizuki (case sensitive) as a referral code. I don't use apple products but Mizmiz does a lot of high quality work on her blog Ragetrades and she plays it.

      You can read her review here:


    2. Cryptids isnt iphone only. I got a thunderbolt and started last week when all faith in rage disappeared.

    3. When I tried to download it, it says that my phone doesn't support the version. I have a Razr maxx.

    4. Hmmm. Theres a user notice posted in game on sept 10 thats says they are upgrading so android 4.0 devices can run it. Prob wont be long. Btw, fully support your apple ban.

  6. God rage is fucking up. "if it aint broke..." I Actually used gifting to hide my rupies. Id send my main acount presents in 10k rups, and let my main acount have 0 rupies. Then whenever i needed some, i withdraw from my gifts! Lol. Rage is DEFF GETTING 1 STAR FROM ME. HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRADE!... Im sure as hell not waiting 2 weeks for any mf'n thing!

  7. totally right. i am suppose to get an buccaneer from you luke, also what is your username?

    1. lucarda

      Chances are will I have to unfriend people on my alt account then add people on that, xfer the cards to it and then xfer them to the players.

      For the top three I'll probably list the items at AH for a random bid, when a player I recognize bits like 1 rupie (if they allow that) I'll hit accept.

      At this point I haven't quite figured it out. So frustrating.

    2. That's the worst part. All auctions are anonymous, until sale is complete. SMH.

  8. whats funny is if one person puts for example an aspara up for sale for 10hp and gets 5000 offers then denies them all, 5000 people are done trading for the day haha

  9. Fk... i cant do sh*t now...
    Lol imagine how the people that sell their cards on eBay feel. :|

  10. i agree with you Lucarda this new bazaar is fuking stupid... WTF am i sposed to do with all these gawd damn feeder cards i been getting now!! and WTF i cant even trade via forum anymore...

  11. I think the system is fine. It prevents people from losing things if they get hacked. The hacker will have to wait 2 weeks before trying to take the stuff. I mean Rage could have cut it down to a week or less.

    As for the tickets, I think the amount is perfect, I don't want to keep clicking -next button- to try and find the best offer. If everyone had 10 tickets, can you imagine going through all those pages as everyone posts multiple of the same cards. I just don't have time to look through.

    And finally, the do show the traders name after a successful trade. So that's not bad.

    Just my opinion.

    1. There have already been several reports of people getting hacked still and their items just being listed at the Bazaar for stupidly low amounts or people just destroying their cards. The system didn't solve anything.

      Also, it's a TCG. By turning it into an AH game its feel has become more grindy and less fun for many players. Now, list the 1-2 cards I can list, hit quest then back button a couple times, attack 3-4 random players, done for the day.

      Before it felt like I was hunting at various antique stores looking for the best deals and then reselling them. The new system rewards laziness and antisocial behavior. The old system promoted social behavior.

      And don't kid yourself, this system was not put in place to prevent hacking, the system was put in place to attempt to force players into spending more money, hell look at the recent reward for buying card packs 'additional bazaar tickets'.